Title ID 7487Collection ID141
TitleTrip to Cornwall
Date[ca. 1936]
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionHoliday
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsBeaches Boats Buildings Family Harbours Holidays Houses Landscape Rural Areas Swimming
LocalWest Wickham Polperro St. Mawes Falmouth Lands End Paignton Dartmoor
RegionalGreater London Devon
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionEmile Lauste
CameraEmile Lauste; Alva Lauste
ParticipantsDoris Lauste; Marcel Riegert; Emile Lauste; Bessie Lauste; Alva Lauste
FormatColour Silent
Duration16min. 17sec.
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This film documents a Lauste family holiday to Cornwall during the 1930s. Emile, Bessie, Doris and Marcel are seen setting off from Tudor House by car. Whilst in Cornwall, they visit a number of places; handwritten intertitles are used throughout to describe places and events.


Intertitle: “Spring Marcel Riegart and his little wifey Doris. Mother joins them” After hand written opening titles, Marcel and Doris are seen in the garden; Bessie Lauste holds a flower arrangement and poses with the couple. Bessie is joined by Emile, who whilst lighting his pipe, makes comical facial expressions at the camera.

Intertitle: “Off to Cornwall” Bessie, Marcel and Doris are seen leaving Tudor House and getting into a car; Alva accompanies his mother to the car.

Intertitle “Newly thatched house” Bessie, Marcel and Doris are seen walking along a road outside the thatched house. They are then seen coming out of the house through the front door. Title: “In Polperro”. Emile, Doris and Marcel are seen walking along a street.

Intertitle: “The Lauste family on holiday 1936, St Mawes, Cornwall” Close-up shot of a map of Cornwall; a pen points to St. Mawes. In the next scene Doris, Marcel and Bessie pose for the camera; they are joined by Emile who stands next to the car. Doris fools around, making amusing gestures to the camera and kissing Marcel.

Intertitle: “Off for a row on the creek though the weather was cloudy”. This section opens with a shot of boats on a beach. Marcel and Doris push out a rowing boat from the beach. There are views across the water. Bessie and Doris join Marcel in the rowing boat.

Intertitle: “Our caravan home”. This section opens with a blurred shot Marcel reading a newspaper outside the caravan. Doris brings him a pair of sunglasses. Intertitle: “And its finish”. Marcel stands amongst the charred remains of the caravan, with open suitcases on the ground.

Intertitle: “St Mawes wild geese and seagulls”. Marcel and Doris are filmed on the seafront, posing for the camera; he pretends to hit her with a stick. Bessie walks along the seafront. Title: “Looking for eats of a fishy nature then a swim”. This section opens with Bessie, Marcel and Doris climbing on the rocks looking in pools; Emile joins them. The camera pans around, first out to sea and then inland towards buildings on the seafront. Doris and Marcel are filmed swimming in the sea.

Intertitle: “A trip to Falmouth St Mawes Castle in Background” This section opens with Bessie, Doris and Marcel sitting on a small passenger ferry with other people around them; there is a shot of the castle in the background. The group purchase tickets for the journey.

Intertitle “T’was a warm day”. This is a short scene of the Doris and Bessie eating ice creams. Intertitle: “Falmouth Harbour”. Another short scene of large ships and small boats in the harbour.

Intertitle: “Return journey waiting for ferry still heavy clouds about”. Bessie, Marcel and Doris are filmed sitting on a bench. Emile joins them and Doris takes over behind the camera. There is a brief shot of the dark clouds overhead.

Intertitle: “On way to Penzance King Harry’s ferry” Doris and Marcel stand next to the car on a car ferry. Emile and Marcel pose for the camera.

Intertitle: “Lands End”. The family are filmed walking on rocks near the sea. There is a brief shot of Lands End.

Intertitle: “St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall”. This section opens with a close-up shot of a map with a pen pointing to St Michael’s Mount. Marcel and Bessie are filmed climbing on rocks with St. Michael’s Mount in the background.

Intertitle “Built by King Henry VIII The castle of St Mawes is well preserved”. Marcel and Doris are filmed leaving the castle via a bridge and waving towards the camera. There are shots of the exterior of the castle. The family are then filmed walking away from the castle along a footpath.

Intertitle: “After a long car ride – Paignton proved relaxing” The family are filmed driving on dodgems on the pier (?).

Intertitle: “On Dartmoor”. The family are filmed posing for the camera. The next scene shows the car driving off. The film ends with a shot of the car with the family looking out the windows towards the camera with Dartmoor(?) in the background.


A magenta colour still image taken from TID 7487, showing a portrait image of Doris Lauste dressed in a cowl neck short-sleeved top, looking at the camera and smiling. Behind her in the garden border are a group of Yellow and pink flowering trees.
A magenta colour still image taken from TID 7487, showing a group shot of Emile Lauste, Doris and Marcel Riegert stood in a field on a walk, having just exited their car. Dorris has her arms on Marcel, across his left shoulder. The group are all smiling at the camera.
A black and white still image taken from TID 7487, showing Bessie and Marcel sat on a groin in the left of the image with Marcel pointing at the very wide view of Mount St Michael in the middle of the frame.