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Title[Family Compilation: Swimming Pool; Morris Dancing; Christening; Princess Margaret at Cheltenham Race Course; Hilary Cottage]
Date[1960? - 1965?]
CollectionH. L. Lewis
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsChildren Celebrations Domestic Gardens Animals Racing Armed Forces Royalty Villages Play
LocalHampton Cheltenham
RegionalGreater London Gloucestershire
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionH. L. Lewis
CameraH. L. Lewis
ParticipantsKatherine Lewis
FormatMixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration17 min. 16 sec.
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Lewis family footage, taken during the early 1960s at their home in Hampton, swimming, at a family christening and military inspection. Includes footage of Princess Margaret in military uniform, and a morris dance performance in Hampton.


Katherine Lewis holds a baby in her arms, wide eyed and active. Family members stand together with the new addition at Longford Cottage. Family members take a swim in a small outdoor pool, practicing their front drawl and butterfly. Children are herded together outside a church by their parents. A great number of guests have come to attend the christening of the child. Women wear smart suits and hats, younger girls wear printed cotton dresses. Family members smile for the camera with the baby back at Longford Cottage in Hampton. A man digs in the garden. Women play with the dog at the chicken coup, encouraging it to leap up to their hands. Brief harbour scenes follow.

Ponies peer over a gate at the camera. A young woman pulls at the reigns while riding a horse. 0:06:35:15 (0:01:46:24) Morris Dancers in white costumes perform by the side of a road, waving white handkerchiefs in the air. They clap and shake one another's hand, tipping their straw hats, which are decorated with flowers A man plays a pipe and a tambourine simultaneously. Another, the fool, runs in and out of the performance. Elderly family members are seen at a cottage. Family members sit on a blanket in the garden together. Elizabeth swings on a tree and plays on a swing in the garden. A Welsh road sign reads 'Llanymddyfri Llandovery'. Street scenes follow.

0:11:23:22 (0:01:34:08) Men are lined in ranks, at ready for a military inspection. Children wear straw boaters, supervised by several men. Two men in bowler hats and suits are introduced to the service men. A march past follows. A castle and abbey are seen from a distance in footage taken while on a family outing. 0:14:16:04 (0:00:35:15) Princess Margaret emerges from a grand building with a group of men in uniform with their wives. Riders race across a large field and over hedges at Cheltenham race course. The family stand in a field where a large number of cars are parked. Views of Hilary Cottage, an old residence of the Lewis family, and footage of the Lewis children, no longer strictly children, in the garden at Longford Cottage in Hampton, close the film.