Title ID 7404Collection ID908
Title[Family Compilation: Wellington Cottage; Party at Hampton; Longford Cottage; Visit to Newbury]
Date[1949 to 1955?]
CollectionH. L. Lewis
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsDance Children Family Play Animals Games Seasons Winter Villages
LocalHampton Crowthorne
RegionalGreater London Berkshire
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionH. L. Lewis
CameraH. L. Lewis
FormatMixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration16 min. 56 sec.
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Lewis family scenes, featuring Hilary Lewis, his wife Katherine and children Tim, Lin, Elizabeth and Caroline, in the 1950s. The children play and dance in the garden at their Hampton home, ride horses in nearby fields and go swimming at an outdoor pool. Aunts and grandparents are also included, and many scenes are filmed during winter, the countryside blanketed in snow.


Tim Lewis walks with his mother and father, who take their turn behind the camera, at Wellington College. The school's grand architecture is seen. The couple are seen together in footage taken by Tim. Children ride horses at Longford Cottage in Hampton. Mrs. Lewis walks with one of the girls and throws sticks for the family dog. Hilary Lewis is seen, lifting his little girl into the air and spinning her around by her arms. The three girls, Lin, Elizabeth and Caroline, pose with their mother, father and neighbours [?] outside their family home in Hampton. Children, wearing school uniform, sit in the stand at an outdoor swimming pool. Children swim and dive in the blue water of the pool. Mrs. Lewis leans over the water at the shallow end with her young girls. Others kick their legs to reach the bottom of the pool. The family walk towards the camera.

Lin, Elizabeth and Caroline Lewis dance on the lawn, skipping and leaping in circles. They wear red bows in their hair. Five children sit in a trap pulled by a horse. A small black dog runs along beside them. Children attempt to jump over wooden fences on horseback in a field during 'Mr. Smith's Gymkhana'. Several women leave a large house. They wear similar cotton print dresses. Further gymkhana scenes follow. Young women participate in a race during which they must put clothes on from a sack before riding across the field. Families have gathered for games on the village green. Young boys run a relay race, retrieving objects on the track.

Mrs. Lewis feeds the ponies in the snow. Panning footage of the surrounding countryside in the snow is included. The ponies walk towards the camera. Mrs. Lewis scatters hay across the white ground. The Lewis children kiss their grandmother and other family members outside Longford Cottage. The group stand together, the youngest children in fancy dresses. The older children, Tim and Lin Lewis, wear smart suits. Longford Cottage has been covered in snow. So too have surrounding fields, paddocks and trees, shown in panning footage. The roof of Hampton Church is now white with snow. Elizabeth Lewis walks through the thick blanket of snow outside the family's cottage. She walks towards the camera, a cat in her arms. A rainbow arches across the sky. Family members, including the children's' grandmother, leave the cottage.