Title ID 730Collection ID156
TitleHoliday to the South of France
CollectionRudd Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionHoliday
ThemeFamily life Travel Seaside
KeywordsFamily Holidays Parades Beaches Sport Food Street Trading Tourism Travel
NationalFrance Europe
ProductionMr. and Mrs. Rudd
CameraMr. and Mrs. Rudd
FormatColour Silent
Duration14 min. 50 sec.
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Footage shot by Mr. and Mrs. Rudd on a family holiday to France with their two children, Susan and Christopher, includes beach and cafe scenes, views of the coastal landscape and sea and a horse-drawn parade.


Views of a coast line open the film. Blue water laps against pink rocks. Mrs. Judd is seen on the rocks, before the camera is turned on Mr. Judd, filmed by his wife beside the sea. The villa where the family is staying is seen in panoramic shots, showing the kept gardens and vines growing up the building. Men play golf on a course. Christopher and Susan ride donkeys on the beach. They watch a parade of horse-drawn carriages, decorated with flowers. Women throw flowers to the gathered spectators from the carriage. On one a huge tiger sculpture has been made from orange, white and black flowers. On another float, a chariot and animated horses are seen beside men dressed as gladiators. A marching band of bugle players follows behind. Views of the sea front promenade and coastal road follow, lined with palm trees. The children are seen playing on a climbing frame on the sandy beach, where Mr. Rudd pushes Christopher on a rope swing. The children run up to the breakers and back. Fishermen tend to their nets and boats in the port. Others play petanque on the hard. Views over tiled roofs to the marina follow. A volleyball match is in play on the beach. A man sells flowers from a bicycle. A road weaves through the rocky Provencal landscape. Mrs. Rudd sits with the children on the beach. Mr. Rudd has set up the camera on another table while at lunch with his wife, managing to filming the couple as they drink wine together. He points at the camera and she nods in approval before he runs back to turn the camera off. A bridge between hillsides is shown, before a deep pink sunset. Mrs. Franks plays with the children. All three wear bathing costumes and run towards the camera from the sea. The family walk through the town and drink through straws at a cafe. A servant serves the family, including the children's grandparents, a meal at an outside table and chairs. A waterfall cascades over rocks. Scenes of flower sellers trading on the street and changing of the guards outside a building follow. Sailors are seen standing atop a submarine in the port. They wear white uniforms. Susan roller skates on a rink while Christopher rides on a bicycle beside. Mrs. Rudd walks in an ornamental public garden. Views follow path ways through the garden. Mr. Rudd is filmed inspecting a bed of cacti. Wide views of the town and sea beyond close the film.