Title ID 729Collection ID156
TitleChildren [Holiday to France]
Date1936 - 1937
CollectionRudd Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily life Travel Seaside
KeywordsChildren Family Fetes Holidays Animals Domestic Gardens Beaches Boats Fancy dress Beachwear Swimming Play
NationalEngland United Kingdom France Europe
ProductionMr. and Mrs. Rudd
CameraMr. and Mrs. Rudd
FormatMixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration17 min. 15 sec.
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Scenes filmed by Mr. and Mrs. Rudd of their children in the family garden, at a fete and while on holiday in France in the mid 1930s.


Susan walks to her brother's pram, trailed by the family dog. She helps her father press down the grass on the lawn. She uses a small roller to her father's larger roller. Christopher joins in, helping his father in the garden, but is very young and falls down when his father lets go of the roller's handle. He is seen sitting on the lawn with his mother's leather handbag. He takes a handkerchief out and pretends to blow his nose. Susan steers a toy car round the garden. Christopher runs past vegetable patch. Susan pushes her brother along a garden path in the car. He runs towards the camera. The children are seen from an elevated position, playing with a maid in the garden. They play in a paddling pool resting on a wooden platform with an older child. The three children skip in circles, playing ring-a-rosy. The children play on scooters and toy cars with friends, supervised by maids. Scenes filmed at a fete follow. The carnival queen walks across the green, followed by four maidens. Young girls are in seen fancy dress. One wears a bodice made from a union jack, others wear period costume. A Merry-go-round swings past. Scenes filmed on holiday in France follow.

Three women stand with Christopher and Susan outside. Mr. Rudd is seen, pointing at the camera and talking to the children. They are seen by a swimming pool with a maid, in a garden and on a swing. A woman helps Christopher to climb up onto a wall. A panning shot of the small outdoor swimming pool follows, one swimmer dives off the board into the water, while others sunbathe beside. The children are seen sitting on a stone wall with a maid and dipping their feet into the swimming pool. Beach scenes follow. The family are seen sitting on a rocky outcrop above the sea. The children's grandfather peers into the rock pools and the children dig a huge hole in the sand. The picnic and paddle, before they are seen at a meal on a balcony over-looking a harbour and sailing boats. A cruiser, the T.S.S. Lorina, leaves the jetty. The children and their grandmother are seen on the boat. The children wear matching coats. Beach and sea views in colour follow. The family picnic on a windy day. A crowd of children has gathered on the beach, entertained by a strongman in a leopard print costume. He lifts a boy, clinging to a pole, above his head. Susan and Christopher run towards and away from the breakers, playing in the wet sand and rock pools.