Title ID 7273Collection ID928
TitleCoach Wise in Britain: Maidstone & District Version
Date[ca. 1964]
CollectionMaidstone and District Motor Services
Genre/TypeProfessionalFilm/Video companyCorporateNon-fictionPromotional/Publicity
ThemeTravel Transport
KeywordsCompanies Landscape Motor Vehicles Passenger Vehicles Roads Transport Travel
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionUnited Motion Pictures
DirectorPeter Ringsted
ProducerJohn F. Speed; Jack Sheppard
Commissioning bodyThe Maidstone & District Motor Services Ltd
NarratorJohnny Morris
CastJohnny Morris
FormatColour Sound
Duration20min. 58sec.
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A film promoting express coaches in Britain made in the 1960s and specially adapted for use by Maidstone and District Motor Services. The film features and is narrated by Johnny Morris. The M&D enquiry office features briefly at the end of the film.


A version of Coach Wise in Britain, adapted for use by Maidstone and District Motor Services. The film opens with scenes of Johnny Morris waking up and contemplating a journey; he narrates the film throughout. At a bus depot a Maidstone and District coach is seen being readied for service. Back at home, Johnny Morris leaves his house to catch the coach. Whilst waiting at the bus stop he takes a look at an old stagecoach next to the road. The film reminisces about earlier forms of travel travel; stills of people riding on stagecoaches, steam locomotives and the early combustion engine, charabancs and coaches. The express coach pulls up at the bus stop to pick him up and he boards the coach. On board, the journey is seen; the coach is full of passengers. He reads the coach brochure, highlighting all the benefits of coach travel. Various road traffic signs appears as he ponders how convenient coach travel is. In London, two drivers are seen arguing over a parking space and a car is seen travelling the wrong way down a one way street. He states that travelling by coach avoids these sort of situations. He picks up another brochure, this time reading about 'coach-air services'. A plane is seen taking off and landing as Johnny Morris explains how the service works and the various connections are seen on a map. A ship is seen in a harbour, as he explains how the coaches also connect with sea ports. The film continues to extol the convenience of coach travel with shots of a restaurant stop and travellers eating meals. In a winter snow scene, a Southdown coach is seen travelling along the road and other coaches are seen making various journey, reuniting families, taking people Christmas shopping, and to the countryside. Shots of Wells cathedral and other countryside scenes, including a roaring waterfall, lakes and mountains. A train powers its way up the Snowdon Mountain Railway, children play in a swimming pool at a holiday camp and people enjoy rides at a funfair. Elsewhere, a family row a boat on a boating pool and river boats are seen on the Norfolk Broads. Families relax on the beach; the film returns to shots of Johnny Morris on the coach and the front of Maidstone and District Enquiry Office. Johnny Morris states that you can book your tickets at your local enquiry office.