Title ID 726Collection ID156
Title[Family Scenes; Holidays; At Stonelands]
Date[1927 - 1930?]
CollectionRudd Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily life Travel
KeywordsHolidays Domestic Gardens Family Animals Winter Children Piers Play Landscape Bridges Castles
LocalArundel Brighton Bramley
RegionalCornwall Surrey East Sussex West Sussex
NationalEngland Scotland United Kingdom
ProductionMr. and Mrs. Rudd
CameraMr. and Mrs. Rudd
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration17 min. 55 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


Rudd family scenes from the late 1920s and early 1930s, filmed by Mr. and Mrs. Rudd in their garden at Stonelands in Bramley and while on holidays to Brighton, Arundel, Scotland and Cornwall [?] to visit friends and relatives.


Snow scenes open the film. Cars drive in both directions along a road deep in snow in poor visibility. Reindeer are seen grazing in a field. Mr. Rudd walks away from the camera along a snow-logged lane. He brings up handfuls of snow from the ground and throws them in the direction of the camera and Mrs. Rudd behind it. Sledging scenes follow. People are seen in the distance at the top of a hill, black shapes against an expanse of white snow. One reveller skis down the slope. Coastal scenes follow.

A sailing boat moves into a harbour, propelled by an outboard motor. Arundel castle is seen from multiple viewpoints. Mrs. Rudd is seen on he balcony of a Brighton seafront hotel. She talks to her husband behind the camera before he is seen in her place. He looks onto Brighton's West Pier. The Palace Pier is visible in the distance. Beach huts and sea front bandstand are also in view. Motorcars move along the road below, between the hotel and the beach. Family members [?] gather outside a house, smiling and talking in the sun. Two men take their turn to swing a golf club on a green. Two women are seen talking, seated behind the dunes. One of the women, with a dark cropped hairstyle stands on the pebble beach, swinging a stick as if it were a gold club. The image fades to reveal woodland scenes and a picnic before a hunt. Family members gather outside a house in a domestic garden, they walk around the garden, past vegetable patches and flower beds. Men and women sit with a baby in a pram and a small dog. Another dog is seen. Christopher, Mr. and Mrs. Rudd's youngest child, is seen in a pram and held by a woman in the garden. The dogs join her when she is seated on the lawn. Further family members are seen with the baby, bouncing him on their knee. The house is seen from the garden, taking in a long greenhouse or conservatory. A white horse is seen in a field. Mrs. Rudd feeds the horse from her pocket. Panoramic views of the surrounding lakes and wooded areas follow. Mrs. Rudd talks to an older couple in the garden. The gentleman picks fruit to eat. Sea views follow.

Mrs. Rudd wears coat with fur trim. Panoramic views of harbour take in fishing boats painted black. The Forth Railway Bridge is seen from the riverside, stretching over from Queensferry. People are gathered as a car drives onto a ferry. An old couple are seen in their garden, tending to flower beds. They play golf amongst the trellis and flowers. The stand together, looking at the camera. Views of a manor house follow. Young women stand in the garden outside in casual clothes, playing fetch with the dogs. A bridge stretches over a river, dividing a town [Cornwall?]. Views of cliffs and crevices along a rocky coast line follow. "Stonelands in 1929" follows. A car drives through a gate. Mr. Rudd seen inside, the back laden with boxes. Mrs. Rudd plays with tiny puppy in the garden, which bites at the laces of her brogues and plays with brushes on the lawn. The dog chews at a piece of bread before he shares a plate of food with the family cat, who bats the dog with its paw. The cat and dog continue to play in the garden. A maid holds the little dog up for the camera. Mrs. Rudd is seen with the dog, much bigger now, while holding flowers from the garden. Mr. Rudd is also seen, while Mrs. Rudd is behind the camera. The little dog continues to play, this time with a much larger dog.