Title ID 7231Collection ID876
TitleLeonardslee Gardens in June 1996
DateJune 1996
CollectionB. C. Suter
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
ThemeLeisure Rural Life
KeywordsHouses Outings Plants Animals Landscape Nature Reserves
LocalLower Beeding
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionB. C. Suter
CameraB. C. Suter
NarratorB. C. Suter
FormatColour Sound
Duration8 min. 43 sec.
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Amateur film-maker B. C. Suter journeys around Leonardslee Gardens in Lower Beeding, West Sussex in June 1996. Pictures of the greenhouse, manor house, rock gardens, wallaby and deer parks, restaurant and alpine house, accompanied by Suter's narration, library music and sync sound recorded at the gardens.


B. C. Suter explains that the gardens are accessible from the A281 at Lower Beeding and have a very large car park, which is shown in several panoramic shots. A sign directs visitors through the greenhouse, along a pathway lined with trees and shrubs. From the greenhouse, the path continues down into the valley. 'From this point, there is a breathtaking panoramic view of the house and its gardens and one of the lakes called the Engine Pond...' says Suter. The path to the rock garden is shown - 'the most beautiful part of the garden in mid-May.' The path winds through the garden, as seen from an elevated position. A statue of the 'twin naturalists', sons of the garden's founder, stands in the Rock Garden, where rocks and tall trees rise up behind. A waterfall cascades down the rocks to a little pool below.

Signposts direct visitors to the Clocktower Restaurant, housed in the old barn. Several visitors sit outside under yellow parasols to take 'tea, coffee and lunches etc.' The house is seen in several views from the car park and garden below. The path to the deer park is shown, curving away from the house. Several deer wander the gardens - 'apparently, several kinds of deer... abound here,' explains Suter.

Wallabies in the wallaby park rest under a tree in the shade and feed on the grass, including an albino wallaby - 'eventually, the white fellow did come over to the wire,' he says. A series of shots show the well kept paths leading back to the house lined with flowers, tropical trees and shrubs, with several close ups. The compilation of shots continue with the Alpine House, a glass building containing a fish pond and raised beds, a bonsai tree display and a Japanese rock garden, and views of the trees surrounding the lakes below the house. The film closes with a narrative summary from Suter, accompanied by views of the house and gardens and a still shot of a plant with the text: The End.