Title ID 722Collection ID156
Title[Colonists in East Africa]
Date[ca. 1930s]
CollectionRudd Family
KeywordsAircraft Docks Travel
ProductionMr Rudd
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration17 min. 54 sec.
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Various scenes of colonists in East Africa during the 1930s. The film features scenes of the landscape and some of the local people. The film also shows scenes of the colonists houses and aerial shots taken from planes.


Views show ships entering a harbour or docks in Africa. People are seen lifting cargo from a boat. A white man is seen under an umbrella. A local man is seen diving for coral in shallow water. A white man washes a dog. Scenes at an African village are followed by various people at a small mining shaft.

The films shows the arrival of a bi-plane: G-AAUE. Various scenes show a row of ants, a hut, a safari car: B-995 and various colonial men posing for the camera. A group of birds fly over water, followed by scenes of a waterfall, planes, antilopes, a colonial estate, a river, men fishing and showing their catch. A view from an aeroplane: ‘HADRIAN, Imperial Airways, London’ and on water: F-AMHP. Bi-planes: ..-AAEJ and G-AAXD.