Title ID 7198Collection ID876
TitleThe Wainwright 0-6-0T on the Bluebell Line
Date[ca. 1980s]
CollectionB. C. Suter
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeTransport Leisure
KeywordsRailway Stations Railways Religious Activities Trains Outings Leisure Time Activities
LocalSheffield Park Horsted Keynes
RegionalEast Sussex West Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionB. C. Suter
CameraB. C. Suter
NarratorB. C. Suter
FormatColour Sound
Duration8 min. 20 sec.
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This film shows scenes from the Bluebell Line with The Wainwright steam locomotive travelling between Sheffield Park and Horsted Keynes stations; as seen from the track side, station platforms and a moving train, with sound recordings and narrative introduction, by B. C. Suter.


Voice-over: 'A trip to the Bluebell line one Saturday in the Autumn found the Wainwright 0-6-0T in steam. This engine, built in America and sent over here during World War II, previously spent some time at Oxford Station, but was moved to the Bluebell when the station there lost its tracks. The Approach Road to Sheffield Park Station on that rather dull morning showed little sign of life, but on the platform all was bustle and activity".

Sync sound with the pictures show the Wainwright steam train pulling into the station with several people on the platform. Later, coal is lifted up onto the engine with a forklift truck. Several wide panoramic shots and a series of close-ups show the track and station. The noisy engine moves along the track at Horsted Keynes. After turning, the engine pulls back into the station, up to waiting visitors on the platform, where an attachment is made to several carriages. Sheffield Park Station's sign is shown.

Scenes taken from a carriage through a window show the train pulling out of Sheffield Park Station. The sound of the train and staff is heard as it passes along the track, followed by further footage shot from the train. It passes under bridges and past Freshfield Station platform at speed with the driver and several young passengers leaning out of the cab and rear carriages.

The train arrives at Horsted Keynes, where the driver hands a station worker a wooden baton to take to the signal box. The train pulls back out of the station, viewed from a window of the moving train. The "Fenchurch" and 'Stowe' steam engines wait at the platform for visitors to see.

Shots cut to a train pulling out of a station, seen off by families waiting on the platform for the signals to change as it moves off. Instrumental music plays over the closing title: 'The End'.