Title ID 7134Collection ID766
TitleGarden Scenes; Glenesk House Sports Day; Canford School Boat Club]
Date[ca. 1966]
CollectionJohn Wood Collection
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily Life
KeywordsBoats Bridges Buildings Canals Cars Ceremonies Children Clubs Domestic Gardens Education Family Leisure Time Activities Motor Vehicles Passenger Vehicles Railway Stations Railways Rivers Sport Trains Water Transport
LocalBarnes Woking Bournemouth
RegionalSurrey Greater London Dorset
NationalEngland United Kingdom
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FormatColour Silent
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This edited family film shows the family during the Glenesk House Preparatory School sports day event, with the children participating in races and events. The next section shows a cricket match on a village green followed by the Canford School Boat club rowing on the River Thames at Barnes, and travelling via train from Woking on a trip to Bournemouth (?).


[Not included in clip for online] This edited compilation opens with a brief shot of a car on a driveway leading into a wide view of a family group in a garden on deck chairs, as a young boy in a summer hat pushes a toy lawn mower around the garden, several of the shots are shaky and/or out of focus.

[Included in clip for online] Intertitle: 'Sports day at'... 'Glenesk House Preparatory School for Boys and Girls' (as double exposure) followed by views of several children preparing to race and spectators watching the field of play as the children run the race. Many of the adults and children wander around the grounds between races, allowing the film-maker to capture scenes of several adults and children (some out of focus). The film returns to the action, with highlights of a boys high jump event, long jump events and traditional races. Following the races, a man with a megaphone reads from a clipboard (scores?) with an older boy standing at a microphone as he reads from a sheet of paper (?).

The film then returns to capture the action, opening with a man firing a starting pistol to begin an older boys' race, cutting to shots of a boys hurdles event with several portrait shots of family members and children during the races. The film briefly cuts away to a wide shot of a class-sized group of children, cheering during races, dressed in a white sports kit. It then returns to capture an older boys' high jump event, long distance race, (out of focus) and a boys' relay race. There is a series of speeches and a prize giving ceremony followed by adults and children having afternoon tea.

The next section shows a group playing a game of cricket on a green, with players and umpires gathered outside a pavilion building (the views are restricted due to damage caused by a finger print on the camera lens).

The film then joins the Canford School Boat club with their boats and their mini bus next to the River Thames at Barnes (some shots are out of focus), accompanied by shots of Barnes Bridge and the Bulls Head pub across the river. The club go on a trip by train beginning at Woking station with views of a platform clock and the platform, then sharply cutting to the train arriving into Bournemouth station. The film then sharply cuts again to shots of several boys offloading boats (marked Kingston Rowing Club?) from the Canford School boat trailer, ending with mixed views of a narrow river or canal.