Title ID 7131Collection ID766
Title[Bridge Farm; Family Scenes; Swimming Pool]
Date[ca. 1962]
CollectionJohn Wood Collection
Genre/TypeAmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily Life Rural Life Working Life
KeywordsAnimals Children Cars Domestic Gardens Family Farming Games Houses Mothers Motor Vehicles Swimming
LocalWest Lydford
NationalEngland United Kingdom
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FormatColour Silent
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This film shows scenes of people working the land on Bridge Farm and the family in the garden, playing games and riding a pony. The family are then filmed swimming and playing together in an outdoor swimming pool.


This film opens with scenes of farm workers working the land at Bridge farm using a tractor and tailor to harvest a crop. In the next scene the family gather in a garden to have tea with the children. Back on the farm, shots follow of several farm workers shovelling cut grass in a barn and and a man tending to calves in a field. A trailer load of freshly cut grass is off-loaded into the farmyard as a man uses a tractor to move the crop into the barn. In a garden a family play together and sunbathe on deck chairs. The film cuts to an interior shot of a group of children sat at a table eating from Cornishware striped bowls and plates, followed by a family outing to the farm where they pet the baby calves.

In the countryside, brief shots of a fox hunt follow with mounted riders and a large pack of hounds at their heels. Returning to the farm, a man reverses a tractor (David Brown 950) into a shed to pick the shed up and move it to a new location. A brief interior shot follows of a man playing with a Skalextric set in a conservatory, mounted on a table top. The shot returns to views of the cows on the farm and the garden.

In the next section a man and a woman play a game of croquet in the garden, later joined by a second woman and a young boy. Stella sits in the shade holding a young baby (very bright shots) and a young boy pretends to ride a tractor. Portrait shots of a family group follow, as they sit in the front room of a house. In a wooded garden a young boy rides a white Welsh pony, followed by shots of a family group playing in a large outdoor swimming pool. The film closes with views of the family jumping off a diving board into the swimming pool.