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Title[Liner Holiday Aboard the Europa Trieste]
Date[ca. 1959]
CollectionJohn Wood Collection
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionTravel
ThemeFamily Life Travel
KeywordsAnimals Boats Bridges Cars Ethnic Groups Family Games Holidays Landscape Leisure Time Activities Men Motor Vehicles Rural Areas Roads Ships Sport Transport Villages Water Transport Nature Reserves
LocalBeira Durban Cape Town Oudtshoorn Simonstad
NationalRepublic of Mozambique South Africa Africa
ProductionContact Screen Archive South East for details
CameraContact Screen Archive South East for details
FormatColour Silent
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This colour travelogue style film captures the family's trip aboard the Europa Trieste liner, followed by a land tour of the Eastern Cape and South Africa by car and coach. The family visit several sites on route around the coastline. passing through Mozambique and several townships in South Africa; stopping off at an ostrich farm, Table Mountain and a Nature Reserve.


This film opens with views of a ships buoy with the words Europa Trieste and shots of a car being hoisted in to the lower deck of the ship. On board the family play a game of shuffleboard and swim in the pool. On the water the camera captures shots of rowing boats and small fishing vessels as they pass. Wide shots of the Europa Trieste follow captured from a small boat on the water. The boat lands at a harbour where passengers wander about on the deck.

The family take a car trip (Mercedes), capturing a moving view through a side window of a busy street and a suburban tree lined avenue. The family stay at the art deco style 'Grande Hotel' in Biera with views of the pool and gardens. Aboard a ship, the crew make ready to sail from the port; the family are seen on deck and swimming in the pool. On land the family explore a local market in Durban, capturing views of several Zulu rickshaw pullers or runners in traditional costume. One man has a handmade sign to encourage tourists to use his services over his competitors. A group of 'runners' pose for the camera. Street views show a mosque and views from the balcony of a hi-rise building. The next film shows a montage of close-ups of several types of snake, ending with Stella holding a bird on her hand. The family also take a trip to a bowling green and pose for photographs outside a large house (dark shots).

The next section shows moving shots of the family on a road trip in their car on a highway stopping off to take panoramic views of a large sprawling estate with houses and gardens and wide coastal shots of a bay and landscape. Back on the road the family continue to explore the coastal landscape as they follow a road. A street sign reads: 'Queenstown' and 'East London'. Continuing on the road the family board a coach filming scenes through a window capturing views that include a mountain range and passing over a bridge on the Kei River as a flock of sheep block the road. The family stop off at a logging factory, posing for photographs outside the 'Tzitzikama Forest Inn' (Tsitsikamma?), and the Highgate Ostrich Farm at Oudtshoorn.

At 'Simon's Town' (Simonstad ?) near Cape Town, the family pose for photographs on the hillside, followed by shots from the top of Table Mountain, where the film-maker captures panoramic views of the landscape below.

The final scene shows the family's visit to a mine, with views of the above ground structure with miners moving about and using a lift.