Title ID 7128Collection ID766
CollectionJohn Wood Collection
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionHoliday
ThemeFamily Life Travel
KeywordsAircraft Airports Beaches Boats Buildings Cars Children Communities Domestic Gardens Ethnic Groups Family Ferries Food Holidays Leisure Time Activities Men Roads Rural Areas
LocalFreetown Gando
NationalSierra Leone Spain Canary Islands Africa Europe
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FormatColour Silent
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This colour film follows a family on holiday in Sierra Leone, stopping off in Gran Canaria to await a transfer flight en route. The film shows views of the local landscape filmed from their car, the group relaxing at their holiday accommodation and visiting several beaches as they travel.


The film opens onboard an aircraft with a hostess serving drinks from a tray, cutting to shots of the landscape over a wing from a window, as the plane comes into land at Gando Airport, Gran Canaria. The plane stops briefly to take off again to land in a rural landscape.

The family sunbathe and relax on a beach, followed by views of several men and young boys bringing in a fishing catch on to the beach. Views of a hillside house and garden follow, with flowers in full bloom looking out on a coastal landscape. A sprawling town can be seen in the valley below. At a waterfall, local women carry belongings from the water. In a woodland, local men cut branches off trees with machetes as an older European man sunbathes in a deck chair below. The family then explore the landscape, travelling by car, capturing views of a rural village and roadway as the car passes through. At a house a man makes a string lead for a white rabbit so a toddler to take it for a walk in the garden. There is a close-up of a praying mantis on a kitchen floor and on a piece of paper. This is followed by portrait shots of a woman stood holding the toddler's hand with a baby in her arms surrounded by several young men (staff?) outside a house.

[Not included fin online clip] The film the shows a double exposure of beach activities - opening with a boy in a garden and family on the beach overlaid together, followed by the family touring Freetown with views of a tour of several rural villages and a local dockside, via ferry.]

The film returns to a single exposure capturing views of a large building set in a village, followed by views of villages and the coast from an aircraft. The family gather together in the garden of a house and eat a picnic on a beach with mixed shots of the house and gardens. The film closes with views from an aircraft the camera captures views of the coast over a dockyard and harbour. On landing at the airport the family leave the 'Hunting-Clan' aircraft (Vickers Viscount) and enter the terminal building.