Title ID 7127Collection ID766
Title[East Africa Road Trip]
Date[ca. 1959]
CollectionJohn Wood Collection
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionTravel
ThemeFamily Life Rural Life Urban Life
KeywordsAircraft Airports Animals Boats Bridges Buildings Cars Children Communities Dance Ethnic Groups Family Harbours Houses Lakes Mothers Motor Vehicles Nature Reserves Rivers Rural Areas
LocalMtwapa Mombasa Thika Nairobi
NationalKenya Africa
ProductionContact Screen Archive South East for Details
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FormatColour Silent
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This colour film provides highlights of a group on safari through Kenya, passing through several national parks and hunting lodges. By road, a group tour a coastal resort near Mombasa, crossing the Mtwapa bridge to continue through several Nature Reserves, filming wild animals and the rural landscape from a moving car.


This film opens with a wide shot of an airport with a BOAC plane landing on a runway, inter cut with a view of a garden covered in fresh snow.

The next section shows several scenes of a colonial building with a large lake and a small car ferry (?) coming into a slipway. Aboard a boat, the camera captures views of other vessels on the water, followed by a brief scene of a man firing several small canons from the cliff edge (?).

The next sequence from a vehicle passing over the Mtwapa Bridge captures views of the creek and a brief view of a village, cutting to a beach scene with two men in portrait posing next to a very large Sword Fish hung on a sign. The film then cuts to mixed street scenes of a busy township road flanked by rows of huts with thatched roofs and a large derelict colonial building (?).

The next section opens with exterior shots of a game lodge with a signpost offering directions to other lodges and landmarks cutting to a series of mixed shots of wild animals as seen from a moving safari car, stopping on a road to navigate around a group of local men clearing land with machetes and hand tools.

A longer a series of wide shots of a rural village focuses on a group of thatched huts neatly arranged around a central building (?) with several children approaching the camera. The road trip then continues passing through a checkpoint into a national park, with the Chania Falls and a river with a flock of pink flamingo.

The penultimate section opens with views of a group visiting a tea plantation, where local workers pick tea and carry baskets around the farm (further views of the tea plantation can also be seen in TID 7126). A brief view of Mount Kilimanjaro leads into views of giraffes and elephants in the National Park, followed by a sequence of moving shots passing through central Nairobi with the 'Tusker Lager' factory next to a 'Shell BP' refinery, on route to a dockside. The film closes with views of a clock tower in a busy street with a tram and a truck passing through the shot.