Title ID 7125Collection ID766
Title[Tribal Dances; The Queen Mother Visits Africa; Family Holidays]
Date[ca. 1956-1966 ?]
CollectionJohn Wood Collection
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeFamily Life Travel Working Life
KeywordsAircraft Airports Animals Buildings Cars Central Government Communities Cultural Events Dance Ethnic Groups Lakes Monuments Music Rivers Roads Royalty Rural Areas Travel Urban Areas
LocalSalisbury(?) Nairobi
NationalKenya Zambia Zimbabwe England United Kingdom
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FormatColour Silent
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This colour film shows tribal dance performances, followed by H.M The Queen Mother meeting dignitaries in a town square, a dam under construction and the Zambezi River with Victoria Falls.


This film opens with scenes of several male groups of tribal dancers performing on a large playing field in traditional dress with percussion instruments. Groups of spectators stand around the edge watching the performances. [out of focus] A man does several acrobatic style dance moves shown in slow motion, followed by views of the same action at regular speed.

H.M The Queen Mother and her entourage are shown touring the East Coast of Africa, with shots of welcoming archways bearing her name and title. This is intercut with scenes of regattas on lakes, surrounded by spectators.

The Queen Mother arrives in a square where dignitaries and officials greet her as she steps out of her car. She is shown planting a tree in the square, followed by further scenes of her greeting people before getting back into her car. The next scene opens with views of a runway (Nariobi Airport ?) where planes taxi through the shot. The tail of DC-7B is seen as another aircraft passes on the airfield.

At 'Bluewater Farm', the film-maker captures shots of mechanised Maize farming, several dwellings and a farmstead with livestock.

Following a series of scenes from an aircraft window, the shot cuts to the film-maker on a boat trip on the Zambezi River with views of the Victoria Falls. The shot then cuts to a series of aerial views of a dam under construction (possibly the Kariba Dam ?) with close-ups of various parts of the valley.

The next scene shows the family in a car exploring the rural countryside by road, stopping at a petrol station to refuel, continuing with individual shots of a farmstead, domestic gardens, a man and woman with dog and the exterior facade of a Church building (?). The film then cuts to a family group standing outside a house, with a man holding a shotgun. The group stand together for a portrait shot.

Now back in the UK, the film closes on a sequence shots of a man and woman dressed in formal clothing leaving a house to get into a car.