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Title[Italy: Venice; Lake Garda]
CollectionJohn Wood Collection
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionHoliday
KeywordsBuildings Boats Domestic Gardens Family Harbours Lakes Leisure Time Activities Handicrafts Roads Travel Urban Areas Water Transport Tourism
LocalVenice Murano
NationalItaly England United Kingdom Europe
ProductionWood Family
CameraWood Family
FormatColour Silent
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This compilation for holiday film shows highlights of a family holiday to Italy, touring Lake Garda and Venice by Gondola on the Grand Canal. In Venice the family visit a glass factory in Murano, and tour the Piazza San Marco, and Basillica. The film is inter-cut with shots of the family home and garden in England.


The film opens with several intertitles: Flight 658, Mombasa, Khartoum, Milan, Lake Garda over shots of very shaky cafes on a seafront. The shot cuts to brief shots of several hotel frontages, and a Pedalo on the water with a teenage boy and Patricia peddling together. Shots of a busy urban street follow, cutting to a brief shaky close up of a Venice gondola - Sign for the 29th International Art Exhibition in Venice (1958) on the Rialto Bridge followed by a tour of Venice on a gondola passing under numerous bridges on the Grand Canal.

The shot cuts to a road trip through a long tunnel and around the edge of a mountain under stone archways (?) on route to Lake Garda, where the family gather together on a pier and a beach followed by shots of the landscape and scenery around the lake as the family board a lake motorboat.

The film cuts to shots of the family home 'Longwood' house, illustrated by a sequence shots of the house and garden, with views of flowering plants and the manicured lawn.

The film then returns to shots of Italy, with views of Venice and a sign for 'Vetreria Artistica Colonna Fornace' in Murano, with interior views of a factory, a furnace (dark shots) with glass being worked, followed by shots of shelves lined with completed glass objects and sculptures. Back on the water, further shots of bridges and pedestrians walking around the Piazza San Marco, with the Basilica complete the film.