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Title[Our Wedding in East Africa; Ghana; Louis Armstrong Concert]
CollectionJohn Wood Collection
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionTravel
ThemeFamily Life Seaside Travel
KeywordsAircraft Airports Beaches Boats Buildings Cars Celebrations Cultural Events Children Dance Ethnic Groups Family Harbours Holidays Houses Men Music Old Age Racing Weddings
LocalAccra Sekonyde Winneba
NationalGhana Africa
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ParticipantsLouis Armstrong and the All Stars Band; Wood Family
FormatColour Silent
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This colour film shows and street scenes of urban and coastal life in Ghana, ending with a Jazz concert on a playing field by Louis Armstrong and the All Stars Band, during their tour of the Gold Coast in 1956.


"Our Wedding"

Various shots of the wedding party and the bride in a traditional dress, outside a small chapel.

Intertitle; 'and so we were wed'. The newlyweds then step out from the wedding chapel to greet friends and family, followed by a series of interior shots of the couple as they cut their wedding cake and drink a glass of champagne together.

Intertitle:'Honeymoon at Sekonyde' (sic), is followed by views of a beach with ferns and trees overlooking the sea.

intertitle: 'Homeward bound', is followed by views of a shipyard next to a harbour and a car wrecked, floating in the sea. Scenes of people walking around the beach are followed by views of the coast from a moving vehicle. In the next scene, the groom carries the bride through the door of a house. The film then continues exploring the landscape from a car, viewing a sign for Accra Airport (Ghana) and a plane leaving the runway. The next shot opens with two women and a man sitting outside a pub on a terrace under a sun umbrella. Views of a beach follow, where there a group of men and women play games. A group of local children in traditional costume play and sing for the camera (out of focus).

Intertitle: 'We bid a reluctant farewell to the golden [be]aches of Labadi [?]slt...'. A sign then indicates the route to 'Winneba', Ghana. A sign reads: 'Winneba European Club Swimming Pool, Bathing by non-members strictly forbidden by order' and the film shows a group on the edge of a pool. In the next shot a group of adults swim in large fresh water pools next to the sea and relax on the beach drinking beer. Title: 'The End'.

"In and around Accra"

Intertitle: 'Aburi' accompanied by views of plants and a traditional thatched hut in the countryside. In a town street a commercial vehicle off-loads canned goods and bales outside a local store. At a dockyard, men carry cargo in from the water's edge as rough waves throw the boats around. Wide views show the Supreme Court building (?), a memorial and a gate house with a Union flag above.

An intertitle: 'The market', is followed by mixed views of a busy street with stall holders selling their wares. A lady sits to have her hair braided and children swarm around as a European woman stops to look at wares on a market stall. Various locals are filmed carrying large items balanced on their heads. A local woman tries to teach a family member how to carry a bucket on her head using the traditional method, but gives up.

An intertitle '1956 Boat Race with a difference!'. opens with scenes of a local gathering of people on a beach dancing at the water's edge. The starting pistol is fired and the race begins. Spectators cheer the boatmen on from the pier and shoreline. At the end of the race a crowd is followed as it moves down the street away from the coast.

"Jazz fans welcome 'King' Louis"

The final colour film opens with a shot of a page from the 'Daily Graphic' newspaper, focusing on the by-line 'Jazz fans welcome 'King' Louis', followed by a wide view of a banner hanging in a sports ground: 'Louis Armstrong Concert - Old Polo Ground Wednesday 2:30pm'. The scene is followed by views of village elders and dignitaries watching a group of men and women perform traditional African tribal dances. Louis Armstrong and his All Stars Band play for the group, surrounded by local people dancing to the music. The film also shows Louis Armstrong's wife (Lucile Wilson) dressed in a cream dress dancing with an older man in a red headscarf. The film ends with a 'The End' title.


A still from [Our Wedding in East Africa; Ghana; Louis Armstrong Concert]  (1955-1956)