Title ID 7106Collection ID934
Title[The Grandchildren]
Date[ca. 1947]
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily life Seaside
KeywordsChildren Family Domestic Gardens Play Armed Forces Mothers Beaches Zoological Gardens Religious Activities Boats Leisure Time Activities
LocalSutton Selsey
RegionalSurrey West Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionGladys Bishop
CameraGladys Bishop
ParticipantsJohn Edward; Ann Patricia
FormatColour Silent
Duration17 min. 26 sec.
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Post war footage, filmed by Gladys Bishop, of her grandchildren, John Edward and Ann Patricia, in black and white and colour, at play in her landscaped garden in Sutton, Surrey, and at Selsey beach in West Sussex.


0:00:12:08 b/w. A baby yawns and stretches in his pram, kept warm by crochet blankets and knitted clothes. Two women hold children on their laps. One of the babies has been laid out on the lawn of a domestic garden, resting on cushions and blankets. A woman holds the baby by the tennis court. Another waves an armoured vehicle from a driveway. Back in his pram, the baby wears knitted socks, clutching at the fingers of his mother.

0:02:05:23 col. The boy, now around one year old, stands up in his play pen in the garden, crawls across a rug and starts to cry when held up by a young woman. She carries him on her back and skips around the lawn with him in her arms. He walks awkwardly while pushing a wooden trolley, attempting to crawl up a grassy bank in the garden, and falling down when walking unaided.

0:03:59:02 b/w. The young boy explores the garden, putting picked fruit into a trug basket. He throws toys out of his pram at a man. A wounded soldier, who walks with a sick, lifts up the child, and follows him and he pushes a roller across the lawn. The boy, wearing a beret and warm winter coat, stands atop a sledge by a young woman, who throws snow into the air.

0:05:54:16 Dufaycolor. A young child explores a domestic garden, pushing a wicker basket on wheels across the lawn, picking up toys scattered across it. Her brother crawls across the lawn after her, and pushes her in her pram. They run and walk along shady paths and rockery areas of the garden in their swimming costumes.

0:07:48:07 b/w. The children splash in shallow water at the beach. Holding their mother's hand, they are knocked by the waves. Both are seen with spades, constructing sand castles before climbing on top. They perform forward rolls on the sand, crawling and running towards the camera. The children climb into a shallow hole on the beach and begin to cover themselves with sand.

0:09:48:23 b/w. A baby plays with a string of wooden beads and a rattle in his pram, positioned in a shady spot of the garden . He wears a towel nappy and cotton smock. Children sit on a rug nearby. A woman lifts her baby onto the dog's back, but the terrier scarpers. The baby, lying on his front, kicks his legs backwards, smiling. The children play with a ball and explore the paths of the garden.

0:11:43:19 b/w. A young woman reads in the garden, as two children explore the rockery and flower beds filled with tulips. They play ball and cricket on the lawn. The young boy steers a miniature car across the grass. A tiny baby cries in its mother's arms. The older children stand above the lawn on the rockery area.

0:13:48:03 b/w. The children play in a rock pool at the seaside, wearing swimming costumes and caps. Their mother dries them with a towel as the wind blows across the beach.

0:14:17:05 b/w. At a zoo, a young girl feeds a zebra, kept behind a wire fence. A leopard stalks his cage. The children play on a long metal slide. The boy paddles in a boat with his mother. Elephants, lions and penguins are also seen.

0:15:42:22 col. A group of youngsters stand in a graveyard, outside a church. A woman brings out a newly christened baby, and family members gather round. Guests leave the church and walk to their cars.

0:16:28:02 col. The children play in the dappled shade of the garden. They speed around the lawn on a toy elephant with wheels, bicycle and miniature motorcar.