Title ID 7044Collection ID981
Title[Southend Pier; Garden Scenes; Scotland; Miss Great Britain Competition]
Date[ca. 1950s]
CollectionFrank Creasy
ThemeTravel Family life
KeywordsPiers Holidays Landscape Lakes Railways Swimming Women Pageants Old Age Family
LocalSouthend Queensferry Morecambe [?] Wadhurst [?]
RegionalEssex Highland Lancashire East Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionFrank Creasy
CameraFrank Creasy
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration13 min. 28 sec.
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Scenes filmed at Southend Pier, on holiday in Scotland and during a Miss Great Britain competition in Morecambe [?], and of older family members in a garden, by Frank Creasy of Wadhurst East Sussex in the 1950s.


0:00:12:20 Scenes filmed at Southend Pier open the film, but the footage is very dark. Views of a house and its garden in bloom, filmed in colour, follow. Flowers, including poppies and tulips, and trees in blossom, are shown in vibrant close up.

0:04:31:09 Footage taken while on holiday in Scotland, taken on black and white and colour film, follows. A train passes over a viaduct. The camera pans along the Forth Bridge stretching out at Queensferry. Views of lochs, rivers and castles visited follow. A steam train is shown, standing at a platform. Family members are seen on a coach trip and boat trip. A sign at a station, where a steam train speeds past the platform, reads Ach-Na-Cloich, a station on the Callander and Oban Railway that is now demolished.

0:10:42:02 Young women stand in a line, all wearing swimming costumes and white stilettos, holding heart shaped cards reading 1 to 19, during a Miss Great Britain competition at Morecambe lido. They turn around, showing themselves off to the judges and the crowd, watching from seats around the outdoor swimming pool. The women walk around the water, smiling and holding up their cards. Eight of the women stand on a platform beside the pool, posing with their numbers. A speed boat pulls a man on water skis behind it through the water.

0:12:14:19 The camera pans along a line of elderly family members, showing each in close up, smiling at the camera. One of the women sits with the family poodle in a chair in the garden.