Title ID 7043Collection ID981
Title[Family Scenes; Wadhurst; Weddings; Smethwick; London]
Date[ca. 1950s]
CollectionFrank Creasy
ThemeSeaside Family life
KeywordsAnimals Beaches Family Wedding Dresses Weddings Buildings Wars Women Youth Children Urban Areas
LocalWadhurst Smethwick London
RegionalEast Sussex West Midlands Greater London
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionFrank Creasy
CameraFrank Creasy
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration14 min. 46 sec.
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Home movie footage, taken by Frank Creasy, of Wadhurst East Sussex, in the early 1950s [?], includes beach scenes, views of bomb damaged buildings, two weddings in both black and white and colour pictures, and views of Smethwick, near Birmingham, and Westminster in London.


0:01:01:02 Two young children sit with the family poodle in the garden, shown from middle distance and close up. Young family members paddle in the water at the beach, holding their skirts up around their waists. The family, adults and several children, take a boat trip and sit together on the stones, smiling at the camera, with a picnic. They eat blocks of ice cream in wafers in front of a row of beach huts. 0:03:48:19 Guests have gathered outside a church. The newly wedded couple stand with a large group of family members to be photographed. The bride wears a full length satin dress and glasses.

0:05:00:04 Street views follow. Buildings appear to have been damaged by bombs. One reads 'International', but the rest of the sign is missing. Further buildings, houses and gardens are seen. Windows are smashed, whole walls are rubble, roofs still standing are badly damaged. 0:06:28:08 A young girl sits on the pavement outside the house with the family poodle. Children, mother and grandmother sit together on a rug. The youngest is shown in close up. 0:07:12:22

Guests arrive at a church for a wedding. The two bridesmaids pose for photographs, standing side by side. The bride arrives in a car, and stands with her father outside the church before the priest leads the bride inside, a white veil over her face. The newly married couple emerge, smiling, holding flowers and horseshoe keepsakes. They stand together, arm in arm, for photographs. 0:09:27:18 Similar scenes in colour, of the same wedding, follow. The wedding party and guests stand together for photographs. The camera pans across the large group. Guests throw coloured confetti over the couple before they leave in a car. 0:10:30:06

Panning road and roundabout views follow. A sign reads 'County Borough of Smethwick', a town on the edge of Birmingham. Young men and women walk on the pavement. 0:11:31:14 London views, of the River Thames taken from Westminster Bridge [?], and the Houses of Parliament, follow. A group of friends walk arm in arm in the city. 0:12:40:17 A crowd of adults and children have gathered, in attendance at a beauty pageant. The young women, wearing coloured satin or printed cotton dresses walk and pose with their number cards. The winner and runner up is announced and the contestants leave the platform.