Title ID 7032Collection ID873
TitleJust Enough
CollectionMaurice Puttock
ThemeCine Club Film-making
KeywordsInteriors Houses Leisure Time Activities Men
LocalHaywards Heath
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMaurice Puttock
CameraMaurice Puttock
MusicLibrary music
FormatColour Sound
Duration3 min. 54 sec.
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Vintage Films present... an M. A. P. production 1992... 'Just Enough', an animated fiction film in which pieces of a jigsaw puzzle fit together with the help of 'eye wash' and a click of a man's fingers, produced by Maurice Puttock.


Music plays. A man unwraps a box of puzzle pieces in his living room at home. He clears enough space on the coffee table in preparation to lay out the pieces and begins with the pieces for the far corner. He fetches a bottle of eye wash from the kitchen and cleans the box, and there is 'just enough'. Clicking his fingers, the pieces start to move independently, completing the image. End.


A Still from Just Enough (1992)A Still from Just Enough (1992)A Still from Just Enough (1992)