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TitleHorsey Types
CollectionMaurice Puttock
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeRural Life Transport
KeywordsAnimals Docks Exhibitions Farming Transport Labour Men Rural Areas Workers
LocalTodmill Etchington Singleton Chatham
RegionalSurrey West Sussex Suffolk Shropshire Medway
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMaurice Puttock
CameraMaurice Puttock
NarratorMaurice Puttock
FormatColour Sound
Duration13 min. 16 sec.
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Vintage Films present M. A. P. production... "Horsey Types", 1993. Maurice Puttock tours Surrey, Shropshire, Sussex and Suffolk for a narrated documentary on strong horses and draft horse breeds at county shows and working farm demonstrations.[Opening title music removed from online clip for copyright reasons].


The film opens with pictures taken at Todmill in Surrey. Instrumental music and a voice over narrative plays. 'When I say Horsey Types, I mean horses like these as well as the men and women who work with them on the land and in the towns.' Two shire horses pull a plough, steered by a farmer behind. Farmers have come from miles around with their horses. They are made 'pretty looking' by their owners and their wives, dressing them in bridles and horse brasses.

The judges are seen, wearing bowler hats. Farmers and farm workers eat their sandwiches in the field. Two horses pull a "Chain Arrow" through the grass field, others pull carts for transport and a brewers dray with advertising. Further horses are paraded around the show ring.

At a farm in Shropshire, shire horses are used for all the heavy work; working over 8 hours a day. A horse is fitted with new shoes by a Farrier. The shoe is shaped at the forge, and hammered onto the hoof. The Farrier explains his job to the crowd of visitors looking on at the farm (no sync sound, only narration and music).

At the Sussex Shire Centre near Etchington, the film-maker compares breeds with the Shire and Suffolk Punch horses. Another Suffolk Punch is seen at Singleton, pulling a Chain Arrow across grassland. The horse has less hair on his legs, bread to work on the heavy clay land of counties such as Suffolk, Essex and Cambridge. Another Suffolk, with light coloured tail and mane, pulls a cart filled with visitors.

At another farm, a Percheron breed draft horse is being fitted with a bridle. 'He don't object too much,' says Puttock. The crowds watch on as the strong horses are paraded in the show ring. A pure-bread Ardenne horse from France and Belgium, is paraded in a field. The film closes with scenes of heavy horses on at a display at Chatham Dockyard in Medway, pulling a Whitbread cart.