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Title[Our Holiday in Austria]
CollectionGillings Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionHoliday
ThemeTravel Transport
KeywordsTravel Tourism Transport Ferries Passenger Vehicles Holidays Landscape Lakes
NationalAustria Germany Europe
ProductionMichael Gillings
CameraMichael Gillings
FormatColour Silent
Duration31 min. 59 sec.
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Inspired by the Sound of Music, Michael Gillings and his wife visit Austria, traveling through Europe by coach on a £19 package holiday, to visit towns, lakes and mountains, in 1965.


'With the arrival of the film "The Sound of Music" people were made aware of what Austria had to offer as a cheap holiday destination. This particular holiday cost £19 each for 7 days bed, breakfast, and evening meal, and 36 hours of coach travel. The relief driver slept on the gangway floor between the passenger seats, and driver changeovers were carried out on the move, mostly at 70mph. After becoming lost in the forests of Ardenne during the night, and some close encounters, we never traveled this way again.' - Michael Gillings

Animated titles read 'Our Holiday'. Footage shot from the ferry as it leaves Dover opens the film. The harbour wall, lighthouse, boats, buoys and Dover Castle on top of the white cliffs, are passed by. Oostende, a Belgian port, draws near, as the ferry pulls into the harbour. Views of Brussels follow, seen from the coach window at sunset and night, when the streets are illuminated. The Atomium is seen from this vantage point, built for the 1958 Brussels World Fair. Red fire trucks pass by in Ulm, Germany. Several buildings are shown, seen from street level. The coach passes around Lake Constance.

An intertitle reads 'Austria'. The coach continues along the lakeside, reaching Bad Haring and Hotel Eden, where the coach party stayed. Views of the accommodation and surrounding mountain scenery, taken from a mountain's peak and below, follow. Members of the party pose by a wooden water trough and visit a local rock quarry, set within the forest. A cable car passes along the steel rope from which it is suspended, the cable reaching across the valley. Footage shot from the car as it moves over buildings and trees, telephone wires and waterfalls, follows. From the mountain peaks, the panoramic views of Lake Constance are spectacular.

The visitors walk together, visiting a village, where they drink tea and beer [?] at a table laid with a cloth. Footage shot from the window of the cable car as it descends to Bregnenz follows. The group walk around the town, visiting a railway and its port, where large boats are moored. Sunset views over Lake Constance follow. Further footage of the group on walks into the mountain landscape, and to various landmarks, including a mural and tower, is also included. The mountain pass to Lake Silvretta is seen from above, winding down the mountain side. Members of the group pose together for the camera. Footage shot from the coach window as it drives down the mountain pass to Innsbruck, follows.

A tram passes along its track in Innsbruck. The town's distinctive architecture, including the "Golden Roof" is shown in panning footage, the mountains looming behind. The locals where plain coloured full skirts and black bodices over white shirts. Closing footage includes views of local monuments, river, streets and castle.

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