Title ID 6982Collection ID959
Title[Around Brighton]
CollectionGillings Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeSeaside Transport
KeywordsCars Parks Plants Houses Entertainment Beaches Seaside Resorts Railways Pageants Women Beachwear Swimming Leisure Time Activities Carnivals Steam Locomotives Harbours Ships
LocalBrighton Shoreham-by-Sea
RegionalBrighton & Hove West Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMichael Gillings
CameraMichael Gillings
FormatColour Silent
Duration17 min. 51 sec.
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A compilation of scenes, taken by Michael Gillings, in and around Brighton. The Guinness Clock, Volks Railway, Lyons Carnival, night time illuminations and 'Miss Brighton' contest entertain visitors to the seafront, while others walk around the Willow Pattern Garden at Preston park, Shoreham Harbour and the miniature railway at Hove Park.


0:00:10:11 (6982.1) Footage shot from the front of a car, driving to Brighton along the A23 from Pyecombe, through the Brighton Pylons and past The Black Lion at Patcham, opens the film.

0:01:47:07 (6982.2) Visitors to the Willow Pattern Garden at Preston Park stand by the pond and walk over the stepping stones. A single storey timber clad Canadian show house with a low slanting roof is seen, situated opposite Preston Park.

0:03:26:17 (6982.3) At Brighton Seafront, the mechanical and brightly coloured Guinness Clock entertains onlookers. Doors and windows open and close, revealing moving scenes, to the delight of several children. Footage shot from the cab of a Volks Railway train, traveling between the Aquarium and Peter Pan Playground, follows.

0:05:12:18 (6982.4) Visitors swim at Black Rock swimming pool. Young women in bathing costumes and high heels parade in front of several judges and a crows of seated onlookers around the poolside. Each holds a numbered card in their left hand. They walk together in a line in numerical order, and stand before the judging table. A man takes photographs of the finalists, before a woman in a white bathing suit, number 3, is crowned Miss Brighton 1964, and given a yellow sash. She makes a speech at a microphone, and poses for photographs. The three finalists run through the shallow pool with a group of children.

0:08:40:21 (6982.5) Further footage of the Volks Railway line follows. A cab passes through the Peston Sheds beside the Peter Pan Playground. Visitors take a ride on a rollercoaster at Madeira Drive. Scenes filmed at Brighton Speed Trials, at Madeira Drive, taken from the promenade above, follows. Vintage racing cars are timed as they speed along the concourse. Speed boats race across the water near the Palace Pier.

0:12:22:03 (6982.6) Lyons Carnival passes along the Seafront. These scenes are particularly dark, but a Sunbest float, Heineken float, vintage carriage advertising Guinness, a group of men with Chinese themed blue and white Willow Pattern Float and a traction engine are all visible.

0:14:01:00 (6982.7) A man sits at the front of a miniature steam engine at Hove Park. Children ride behind him.

0:14:43:03 (6982.8) A large ship passes through Shoreham Harbour. Families paddle in the water. Panning footage of the sky at sunset follows.

0:15:37:04 (6982.9) Views of Brighton's seafront illuminations close the film. Strings of red lights hang between lamposts overhead. A multicoloured light rotates, its points twisting around one another. According to the film-maker, the illumination was called 'Sputnik', after the Russian space satellite of the period, and was later removed due to the cost of rectifying its many breakdowns. An illuminated sign advertises the King Alfred Bowling Lanes. 'The End'.