Title ID 6970Collection ID709
Title[Cowes; Camper and Nicholsons Ltd; Ratsey and Lapthorn Ltd]
CollectionSussex gentleman and keen yachtsman
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeFamily Life
KeywordsBoats Buildings Ships Water Transport Men
LocalGosport Cowes
RegionalHampshire Isle of Wight
NationalEngland United Kingdom
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FormatBlack & White Silent
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This black and white film provides highlights and views of races at Cowes with several class of yacht including 'J', 'W' and 6-metre classes, along with views of the Camper & Nicholsons Shipyard and Ratsey and Lapthorn Ltd sail making company on the dockyard at Gosport, near Southampton.


This film opens with mixed rural and coastal views across land with the sea in the background. The next scene opens on views of a harbour, with several yachts sailing out to sea. On board a yacht, the crew is seen manoeuvring in the water filmed from the hold. The view moves to the bow of the ship where a man tends to the rigging kneeling on deck.

The next section shows two women aboard a pleasure craft, one is steering the craft, whilst the other reads a magazine, followed by views of a tall yacht with masts and no main sail. In a harbour, several crew steer and work a small boat on the water lowering her sail. A second yacht passes the camera to enter a boat yard with sail lowered.

[short section edited out of online video, by depositor request]

Several boats are seen together in a harbour followed by views of a 6-metre yacht under sail (6/K19 Q) and a pair racing (6/K35 and 6/K34 ?). Views of the Ratsey & Lapthorn Ltd sail making company and the Camper and Nicholsons shipyard at Gosport are filmed from the water, with the hull of a ship on scaffolding in dry dock in front of the shipyard building. There are views of a mixture of trade and small yachts on the water opposite the yard. A man climbs a mast aboard a boat. Several 6-metre yachts are shown racing on the Solent, follwed by a view of a single yacht with a loose sail flapping in the breeze.

Scenes of a J-class yacht at full sail on the Solent and a view of a smaller yacht in open water, are followed by views of a large group of 6-metre yachts and W-class yachts racing on open water. Aboard a smaller yacht, a man waves at the camera. At sea, an 8-metre yacht passes the camera at speed, and there are mixed views of the yacht sailing on the Solent and racing other vessels. Views of an 8-metre yacht in the harbour preparing her sail and hoisting her main sail '8/K19' finish the film. End title: ' End of the season' with inverted AGFA title.