Title ID 682Collection ID87
TitleKelly to the Isle of Man
DateJuly 1986
CollectionHorrobin Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionHoliday
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsAnimals Beaches Children Family Holidays Landscape Railways Trains Transport
LocalIsle of Man
RegionalEast Sussex Worcestershire
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionGeorge Horrobin
FormatColour Silent
Duration20 min. 20 sec.
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This film was made by George Horrobin to record a family holiday to the Isle of Man. The film records the journey from Brighton by car and then by ferry, and many of the places that the family visited while on holiday.


"Isle of Man 1986"

George and Irene Horrobin's daughter is seen with her young baby (Kelly) getting into a car. Kelly is put in a car seat, and there is a close-up of the car key being turned, and the wheel of the vehicle pulling away out of shot. Filmed from a bridge looking down onto a dual carriageway, the car is seen on the road. Next we see Kelly being fed in the car, and a nappy change on the grass by the river at Evesham, Worcestershire. Kelly and her mum feed geese by the water.

Next an older couple open their front door and greet the family. [The couple are Aunty Jessy and Uncle Alec, who lived in Maghull, Liverpool, and with whom the family stayed for a couple of days]. The group is seen walking with Kelly in a pram; the couple wave as the Horrobin's drive off again in their car. Kelly is seen fast asleep in the car. The next shots are of the ferry crossing to the Isle of Man and show the car driving on board, passengers on deck, and another ferry on the water. As the ferry approaches a port we see a sign reading 'Welcome to the Isle of Man', and the car is filmed driving off the ferry. There is a shot of the Isle of Man flag flying.

Mrs Horrobin is seen with her daughter and grandchild leaving their holiday home in Port Erin. The camera pans from the house, which is by a cafe, to the sea front. There are views of the beach and cliffs surrounding. Kelly is seen in a pram watching musicians playing in traditional dress. At Port Erin station the family take a ride on a steam train to Douglas. At Douglas there are shots of a ride on a tram pulled by a white horse, filmed from inside the carriage. Next there is footage looking out across the water to the Calf of Man island, and Kelly is seen looking at long-horn sheep in a field. At Cregnish Villiage the family visit a thatched cottage and the beach. At a museum Kelly is held by a man dressed as a Viking; is seen being fed, and stroking a cat with no tail. There is a brief shot of the castle at Castletown, before cutting to footage of Mrs Horrobin pushing Kelly along in a pram, filmed from the car which is driving slowly beside her.

There are several shots of the beach at Port Erin, where the family are seen sitting in a windbreak. There are shots of a sailing boat in the bay, close-up shots of flowers, and a grazing goat. The next scenes are introduced with a shot of a sign reading 'Welcome to the July 31 Southern Agricultural Show', and are followed by scenes of Kelly in a carrier on her mother's back. Kelly is encouraged to stroke a large tethered bull, and other animals are filmed including sheep in pens and shire horses in their harnesses. We also see tractors out on display.

A train ride is featured next, with the first shot showing Kelly and her mother on board the train waving through the window. As well as footage shot from the train of the passing hills and cliffs, there are also long shots of the train on the tracks which have been edited together into the film. Kelly is again seen in the carrier on her mother's back as they walk through ferns on high hills. We then see the pair on an otherwise deserted beach, Kelly playing with pebbles in a rock pool. There is a speeded up sequence of waves breaking on the shoreline, and a barge out to sea. Mr Horrobin is seen climbing a hill with Kelly on his back, followed by Kelly's mother and Mrs Horrobin. There are further shots of the sea.

A street scene shows a tram pulling up, and the family are seen climbing aboard before the tram pulls off again. There are views from the window of the surrounding countryside, another shot of the tram passing on its tracks on a hillside and one of it pulling into a station. There is a view looking down on a valley from high ground with the family sat on the grass in the foreground. This is followed by shots of a red and white striped lighthouse, some tiny rock flowers and a second shorter red lighthouse. The family are seen on a pebble beach, and a ferry is visible on the water out to sea.

There follows footage of a visit to the Curragh Wildlife Park, where Kelly and her mother are seen looking at various animals. We see seals in water and a keeper feeding fish to the animals, as well as goats, a pony, monkeys in a cage, swans, parrots, a peacock displaying and otters swimming through a glass window. The final section of the film contains a shot of the family's car traveling back along the dual carriage-way filmed looking down from a bridge [near Shoreham?]. There is also a shot of Kelly wearing a T-shirt that reads 'I'm Kelly from the Isle of Man', and the film closes with the Isle of Man emblem and the date, 1986.


A still from 'Kelly to the Isle of Man' (1986)A still from 'Kelly to the Isle of Man' (1986)A still from 'Kelly to the Isle of Man' (1986)A still from 'Kelly to the Isle of Man' (1986)