Title ID 664Collection ID87
Title[Rough Sea, Ardingly shows and Lancing Seaside and Fete]
Date1969; 1970; 1971
CollectionHorrobin Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
KeywordsAnimals Beaches Cars Children Fairgrounds Farming Fetes Games Parades Rural Areas Weather
LocalArdingly Lancing Seaford
RegionalEast Sussex West Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionGeorge Horrobin
FormatColour Silent
Duration18 min. 21 sec
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


A collection of short amateur films made by George Horrobin. The films capture a storm at Seaford, two trips to the Ardingly Show, domestic scenes, Lancing Fete and two trips to the beach.


Rough Sea at Seaford, 1970s

Waves are seen crashing over the sea wall at Seaford. The film cuts to a view from higher ground looking down on the sea, white chalk cliffs visible in the background. Cars travel slowly along a road parallel to the sea, avoiding piles of pebbles that have been swept ashore by the waves. Several windswept pedestrians are also visible walking along the promenade.

Ardingly Show, 1969

A road sign points to Ardingly, and a notice is tied to the sign advertising the annual 'South of England Show'. There are scenes of the show ground. We see a carousel, donkey's in a ring, and a toy stall decorated with balloons. A group take a ride up in the basket of a crane; a woman and two young boys watch the crane while eating candy floss. The boys are also seen jumping on trampolines and on space hoppers. There is a sign advertising 'Army Careers' and the boys are filmed climbing on tanks.

Football in Home Garden, 1970

A boy plays football on the grass of a small garden. This is followed by scenes of two boys playing with a wooden train set in the garden.

Ardingly Show, 1970

Footage from the South of England Show includes a horse and trap in a ring, crowd scenes and a parade with marching band. There are shots of a Land Rover driving on a roller coaster style track, engines on display and parachutes. A title signals 'The End' of the film.

Fun at Lancing, 1970

The opening shot reveals, written in the sand, the title of the film 'Fun at Lancing'. There is a panning shot of Lancing beach showing a line of beach huts, moving round to the shore, where groups of people are paddling and swimming. Three girls carry a surf board into the water and paddle on it. The camera follows as a young boy puts on a pair of flippers and walks into the water. Two women walk down the beach into the sea and splash each other. A wide shot shows the beach, with fishing rods visible in the foreground. The group eat lunch on a picnic rug. There are also shots of bags being packed up and the group leaving the beach. 'The End' is written in sand

Lancing Fete, 1971

A wide shot shows a green where the 1971 Lancing Fete is taking place. It is decorated with bunting and there are crowds of people present. We see trampolines, and canoes that have been arranged in shapes that resemble flower petals. Children in fancy dress stand by a sign for the 'Jousting Tournament'. The children take it in turns to have a go. In pairs, one sits in a barrow holding a lance while the other pushes them forward towards a target. The pair must try and hit the target with the lance, but travel underneath it as quickly as possible; as the target is pushed up, a bucket of water is tipped over and would land on anyone below that had not got out of the way in time. A title reads 'The End'.

Fun Afloat, 1971

After a title reading 'Fun Afloat', the film begins with shots of a surfboard being tied to the roof rack of a car. There are several close up shots of parts of the car, including the wheel. Cut to the car being parked on Madeira Drive in Brighton, and a group walking with the board towards the beach. A train runs along the Volk's Railway in the background. The group walk onto the beach and paddle in the surf. Children are seen on the surfboard. A man carries the board out of the water. A title is written in the sand 'The End'.


A still from [Rough sea, Ardingley shows and Lancing seaside and fete] (1969; 1970; 1971)A still from [Rough sea, Ardingley shows and Lancing seaside and fete] (1969; 1970; 1971)A still from [Rough sea, Ardingley shows and Lancing seaside and fete] (1969; 1970; 1971)