Title ID 6630Collection ID899
Title[Lady Clara]
DateJuly, 1965
KeywordsBoats Docks Harbours Quays Rivers Ships Water Transport
LocalSouthampton Ramsgate Gillingham
RegionalHampshire Kent Medway
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionCecil Hamlyn
CameraCecil Hamlyn
ParticipantsBill Hidson, Maurice, Cecil, Doreen Hidson
FormatColour Silent
Duration14min. 39sec.
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Members of the Hidson family and friends attempt to sail a motor cruiser from Southampton to Gillingham during the summer of 1965. The eventful journey is captured by a family friend in this amateur film.


This film follows three people as they attempt to sail an old motor cruiser from the river Hamble near Southampton to Gilllingham. The film opens with shots of cars on a garage forecourt; a Vauxhall Velox is seen being loaded with provisions for the journey. The driver pulls away and the three people seen set off for the boat, a sign reads: "Hampshire". Shots of moorings on the river Hamble, one man in the group is seen rowing out to the cruiser, others are seen working on the boat, preparing for the journey. The boat's engine is started and it move off in the water. A man is seen behind the wheel, another lies on top of the steering house. The boat bobs up and down as it reaches the open water of the sea, but immediately runs into trouble; shots of the men looking into the engine house. A naval vessel comes alongside and tows the cruiser to the beach; a small crowd gathers on the beach looking on.

The film cuts to shots of the cruiser moored in a harbour at Ramsgate. A couple board the boat and it sets off again, continuing on its journey to Gillingham. Various ships and boats are seen on the way, including what looks like an abandoned submarine. At the mouth of the river Medway the boat makes for Gillingham. The men on board are seen securing the boat to its moorings at a boat yard, after a cup of tea they load a car parked nearby with their belongings.