Title ID 6596Collection ID913
TitleCaught in the Act
CollectionAlbany Cine Club
Genre/TypeAmateurCine/Video clubFictionComedy
ThemeCine Club Film-making
KeywordsMen Old Age Seaside Resorts Dance
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionAlbany Cine Club
CameraChris Green
DirectorSid Mitchell
WriterSid Mitchell
CastSid Mitchell (man); Ann Filmer (Dancing Girl); Yvette Filmer (Dancing Girl)
Other credits(Location) The Beach Hotel, Littlehampton
FormatColour Sound
Duration7 min. 54 sec.
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When an old man books into a hotel and finds a door that 'should not be used', he prepares himself for a night of passion... but gets a surprise when he opens the door. An Albany Cine Club film made in 1983 at The Beach Hotel in Littlehampton and directed, written and starring Sid Mitchell, the club's chairman. [sound removed from online clip for copyright reasons]


Illustrated title" Caught in the Act". Music plays throughout (no dialogue) [Sound removed from online clip for copyright reasons]. A man follows two young women into a hotel, reception. They all take their keys before walking to their rooms. The man settles down on the bed in his pyjamas, reading a book entitled 'Night Prowler'. He sees a sign, reading 'This door is not to be used', while he is shaving. The clock reads 9:30 pm. He tries to open the door to no avail. He finds a key and unlocks the door. He combs his hair, splashes aftershave marked:'Sex Appeal' on his face, takes a handful of 'pep up pills' and a drink of 'Elixir D'Amour', expecting to find the attractive young women behind the door. The man makes his way through the darkness and finds himself wandering onto a live show on stage, where the two women he met earlier are performing a dance. The group are booed off stage.