Title ID 6387Collection ID855
Title[Cricket; Pontins Wick Ferry]
Date[ca. 1958]
CollectionBob Burns
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
KeywordsBuilding Construction Boats Cars Children Family Food Holidays Industry Quays Recreational Facilities Rivers Roads Rural Areas Seaside Resorts Sport Water Transport
LocalBersted Bognor Regis Christchurch
RegionalWest Sussex Dorset
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionBob Burns
CameraBob Burns
EditorBob Burns
FormatColour Silent
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This two-part film shows the family eating a meal with the South Bersted Cricket team on a playing field, followed by a family holiday to the Pontins resort of Wick Ferry.


A large group of adults and children are seen eating a meal sat at a trestle table in a field (South Bersted Cricket Club) for the Knock Out match. This is followed by scenes of people eating cake and drinking tea during the match, and a young boy playing with a baby [Additional scenes on TID: 6418].

The shot cuts to a road with a series of vintage cars taking part in a rally (?).

Shots of a large building under construction near a residential street follows, with views of the wooden timber joists being lifted into place by a crane, and views of the roof line.

The next scene shows a close-up followed by a wide exterior view, of a life Buoy on the railings at the Pontins Wick Ferry resort building. A man boards a boat in the foreground. The shot cuts to a large group aboard a boat on the River Stour, taking a boat tour passing several local landmarks and water traffic. The film closes with the group arriving at a sandy beach, coastal views and a woman with a toddler picking heather.