Title ID 6177Collection ID766
Title[Holiday in Spain]
Date[ca. 1970s]
CollectionJohn Wood Collection
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionHoliday
ThemeFamily Life Travel
KeywordsBoat Domestic Gardens Family Harbours Houses Holidays Hunting Leisure Time Activities Men Ships Bridges Rural Areas Urban Areas
LocalSeville Andalucia
NationalSpain England United Kingdom Europe
ProductionMr Kenneth Wood
CameraWood family
ParticipantsPop & Narny
FormatColour Silent
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


This family holiday film to Sevile and Andalucia in Spain includes a visit to a Bull ring to watch several bull fights, take a boat trip on a river and tour the rural landscape by car. The film closes with portrait shots of a teenage girl posing or the camera in the family garden.


This film shows several views of a narrow residential street following six white horses pulling a carriage with passengers, and a very busy road with traffic policeman directing traffic. The next sequence shows a man handing a tourist a poster: 'Plaza de Toro de Seville' with a picture of a bull fighter and a bull. The family has gathered with a crowd in a street waiting to enter a bull ring, with interior shots of a packed bull ring. The spectators watch a parade of Bullfighters before the fight begins. Highlights of a mounted matador holding a spear stabbing a bull and several matador on foot with a bull. The Bull finally tires and matador stabs the bull with a sword making the final kill.

The next section provides highlights of a raised wrought iron bridge with a coal ship (Lolita Artaza) passing through, followed by mixed shots of a large family gathering on a small yacht accompanied by shots of several passenger boats and Yachts moored close by that includes the 'Fenix' and an oriental stye boat.

In a Plaza or courtyard cafe, an extreme close up of a mouth and tongue (out of focus), is followed by Ken Wood and another man making lewd gestures to the camera as they walk along the river. Shots return to views of the coal ship "Lolita Artaza" passing under a bridge.

The next section shows mixed shots of urban and rural street scenes captured from a moving vehicle on a road, the camera focuses on a very large turkey and small birds standing in the road refusing to move, before moving to another rural road with sign '...Reno de Frias [?]' with scenes of a bird aviary and the group wandering around a woodland with peacocks. The film cuts back to the bullfight at the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza with mounted matador killing a bull in front of a packed crowd.

The final section taken in the UK, shows a series of portrait shots of a teenage girl in a very large domestic garden. The girl is playing with the flowers in a stone planter and a magnolia tree (?) followed by wide exterior views of the house and gardens. The film closes with a brief view of the teenage girl with a dog on a farm or industrial site (?).