Title ID 6154Collection ID714
Title[Family Scenes and Miniature Railway]
Date[ca. 1940]
CollectionNewman Family
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsAnimals Children Outings Railways Recreational Facilities Trains
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionFrancis Henry Newman
CameraFrancis Henry Newman; Alice Margaret Newman
ParticipantsAlice Margaret Newman; Margaret Newman
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration1min. 13sec.
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A short film showing Margaret Newman (the film-maker's daughter) playing with a pet budgie and a children's outing to a miniature railway.


The film opens with two girls, one of them Margaret aged around 9 or 10, playing hoopla with an upturned deck chair. It then cuts to Margaret playing with a pet budgie that hops on to her back and shoulders. The film then shows a miniature train with children sitting along it, departing. The train travels through a field, then loops back round, and comes to a halt. The children, including Margaret disembark. In the short final scene shows four women picking fruit from some fruit trees, one of them up a ladder and the other three down below.


A Still from [Family Scenes and Miniature Railway] (ca.1940)A Still from [Family Scenes and Miniature Railway] (ca.1940)