Title ID 6153Collection ID714
Title[Indian Journey]
Date[ca. 1958 - 1959]
CollectionNewman Family
ThemeFamily life Travel Transport
KeywordsCanals Cars Children Coasters (ships) Cross-Channel Steamers Docks Ethnic Groups Ferries Holidays Landscape Motor Vehicles Railways Religious Buildings Rivers Ships Street Trading Tourism Zoological Gardens
LocalSouthampton Algeria Malta Suez Canal
NationalEngland United Kingdom Algeria Egypt India Malta
ProductionFrancis Henry Newman
CameraFrancis Henry Newman; Alice Margaret Newman
FormatColour Silent
Duration20min. 46sec.
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This film documents the film-maker Mr. Newman and his wife's trip to India dated Autumn 1958 to the end of Summer in 1959. The film records their journey out to India, and their travels in Bombay and Agra whilst there.


The film opens with a slightly underexposed shot of the Newman family standing by a car. The Newman's daughter, Margaret, can be seen with her eldest son, aged around 2 in this film, who is wearing a bright red jumper. In the next scene, Mrs. Newman is seen carrying Margaret's youngest child, as Margaret stands beside them. An title reads: 'Indian Journey 1958- 1959'. Some large ships are shown moored at the docks in Southampton. The ship from which the film is being taken moves away from the shore out to sea. Views of the sea taken from the bow of the ship follow, combined with shots taken on the deck of the ship. A small swimming pool on board the ship is filmed, accompanied by more shots of the sea.

A title 'The Mediterranean Algiers, Oct. 11th' follows, with views of the coastline of Algiers. The next title announces 'Malta, Oct. 12th', which again, is accompanied by views of the coastline of Malta.
'Port Said, Oct. 14th', follows, where a large ship is filmed passing by. In the next part of their trip, the Suez Canal is shown, dated October 15th. There are views of the canal, surrounded by a flat, quite arid landscape. Some buildings and roads come into view, as the landscape that the boat is passing changes. Under the next title page 'Red Sea "The Brothers"', further seascapes are filmed. 'Bombay Sunrise Oct. 22nd' shows a beautiful sunrise, which then gives way to scenes of Bombay, as the Newmans disembark from their ship. The next title page announces 'Udaipur Lake Pichola Jan 1st 1959'. Women, dressed in brightly coloured saris, wash their clothes in a river. A little boy swims alongside the boat from which the film is being taken. Views from the boat continue, as the group appear to leave the busy city behind for a quieter area. Shots of various buildings follow, with of decorative arches and fountains. A lake with lilies and a fountain in its centre is surrounded by statues of elephants.

In the next scenes, the film documents 'A Station Crowd'; filmed from a train as it is passing through. Crowds of people waiting on the platform are visible. The next title page introduces 'Agra Tonga To The Taj Mahal Jan 9th'. This part of the film opens with a view of Mr. and Mrs. Newman getting into a horse drawn cart. Scenes of Agra are then filmed from the cart on its journey. Following this, are views of the Taj Mahal and its surrounding gardens.

The next title page states 'Farewell Bombay Aug. 7th'. The following shot shows a man dressed in white standing at the docks, waving the Newman's off as their ship departs from Bombay. Views of the ship and docks from which it is departing follow. Rough sea is then shown, as the front of the boat can be seen dipping in and out of the waves.

'Liverpool Aug. 30th' announces the Newman's arrival back in Britain; shots of the boat approaching land, and coming in to dock at Liverpool bring the film to an end.