Title ID 6149Collection ID714
Title[Cornwall Holiday]
CollectionNewman Family
ThemeFamily life Seaside
KeywordsBeaches Children Docks Family Holidays Landscape Leisure Time Activities Outings Railways Summer Swimming
LocalSt. Michael's Mount
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionFrancis Henry Newman
CameraFrancis Henry Newman; Alice Margaret Newman
FormatColour Silent
Duration9min. 54sec.
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In this film the Newman family go on holiday to Cornwall in 1954. A visit to St. Michael's Mount is filmed, along with scenes of the family relaxing at the beach.


The First scenes of the film depict a Cornish bay, filmed from a train, as it passes by along the coast. Views of the docks in the distance can be seen. In the next frame, a group of people walk down a beach, to the left of the frame in the distance, St. Michael's Mount can be seen. As the tide is out, the group follow the stone walkway towards St. Michael's Mount, passing by rock pools. The group approach the foot of St. Michael's; from this vantage point the camera pans back across the view of the walkway and the surrounding buildings. A group of people ascend some steps up to the top of St. Michael's Mount. The camera then cuts to a view of St. Michael's Mount from a distance, followed by another sequence of shots filmed from a train, in which there are more views of the surrounding countryside.

In the following scene shows Mrs. Newman with her daughter Margaret and a young boy (possibly Margaret Newman's son), out on a country walk. The film then cuts to a sandy beach, where the same boy from the previous scenes makes a sand castle. Three women, including Mrs. Newman and Margaret, sit by the rocks, chatting and knitting whilst the boy continues to play. The camera pans across the beach, then cuts to Mrs. Newman knitting, as she smiles up to the camera. Next, Mrs. Newman helps the young boy with his sandcastle, he digs a moat. In the following scene, one of the ladies can be seen paddling in the sea, which is followed by a shot of the waves rolling into the shore. In the next frame, the party walk to the sea to bathe, and they splash in the waves.

In the next scenes, Mrs. Newman and Margaret walk up a cliff path towards the camera. From up on the cliff top, the camera pans across the view of the rocks and sea below. The film returns back to the beach, where Margaret inflates a beach ball for the young boy, with which we see them playing volley ball. The film ends as the family are packing up their belongings.