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Title[Holiday at Westgate]
DateAugust 1948
CollectionNewman Family
KeywordsBeaches Boats Carnivals Children Fairgrounds Family Holidays Leisure Time Activities Play Seaside Resorts Summer Swimming
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionFrancis Henry Newman
CameraFrancis Henry Newman; Alice Margaret Newman
ParticipantsFrancis Henry Newman; Alice Margaret Newman; Margaret Newman
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration9 min. 45 sec.
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Mrs Newman, her daughter and a young boy spend days at the beach at Westgate-on-Sea, building sand castles and taking part in a fancy dress parade.


Mrs Newman, along with an older woman (possibly Mrs Newman's mother) and her daughter Margaret sit at a table on a boardwalk. A boy messily eats an ice cream cone. The three women and the boy set off from a house (possibly Violetdene where they regularly stayed on holidays) for the beach. The boy pulls a toy boat on wheels along the street. The camera pans across the people on the beach. The boy stands in a knitted swimsuit.

Rough seas are shown battering the seafront. The boy and Mrs Newman travel on a ferry. The cross channel ferry 'Royal Daffodil' is filmed docking. Margaret Newman sits on a small boat looking out at another ship.

The boy stands at the centre of a large sand castle with a moat on the beach. Mrs Newman takes a photograph of him whilst Margaret digs in the sand with a spade. The boy stands in the castle whilst the tide comes in. Margaret stands on the remains of the castle as the sea swamps it. Margaret again digs in the sand. A pan of the sea front is followed by Margaret and the boy with the sand castle again. Mrs Newman and the boy go on a Merry-go-round ride and Mr Newman is seen briefly with the boy on a boating pond ride.

Children in fancy dress costumes stand around, Margaret is among them. Carnival queens go by on a float. A Naval cadet (?) marching band and the children's fancy dress competitors go by with a banner reading "Sunbeams Concert Party". Another marching band goes by. In the fancy dress parade, Margaret is dressed up (as a mermaid?) and has a sign on her reading 'Class 11 First Prize'. She holds the hand of the boy (also in fancy dress) and collects money (?) in a tin. The film ends with a fireworks display.


A Still from [Holiday at Westgate] (1948) A Still from [Holiday at Westgate] (1948) A Still from [Holiday at Westgate] (1948)