Title ID 6141Collection ID714
Title[Holidays to Land's End & Westgate]
DateApril 1946; 17 August 1946
CollectionNewman Family
ThemeFamily life Seaside Travel
KeywordsBoats Family Holidays Landscape Outings Piers Seaside Resorts Trains
LocalLand’s end Westgate-on-Sea
RegionalCornwall Kent
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionFrancis Henry Newman
CameraFrancis Henry Newman; Alice Margaret Newman
FormatMixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration16min. 50sec.
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This film combines several of the Newman family's holidays by the sea, taken between April-August 1946, in Land's End, Westgate and Margate.


The first scenes of the film, in black and white, are taken from a train; the railway tracks are in view as the front of the train winds in front. A city can be seen in the distance, as the train continues its journey through the countryside to Land's End. The seaside comes into view. The film cuts to beside the sea where Mrs. Newman wears a hat, as the camera pans passed her, and across the beach. Her daughter, Margaret Newman, smiles at the camera, as she sits next to her mother, the two then walk down to the beach.

In the next scene, Margaret and Mrs. Newman walk down a path away from the camera. The camera pans across a view of the cliffs, and the family stand at the top of the cliffs, looking out to sea. In the next scenes, the film is taken from a train again, as it passes along the coast. St. Michael's Mount comes into view in the distance. Next, the film cuts to a view of the sea taken from a quay. Margaret stands on the edge of a boating lake with some other younger children, as they launch a small sailing boat and a motor boat. In the next scene Margaret makes a sand castle on the beach.

The film switches to colour, as Mrs. Newman and Margaret walk down a road away from the camera. The camera pauses over the road sign for Egbert Road. In the following scenes, the Newman family walk down to the beach at Westgate which is fairly crowded with families. Margaret builds a sand castle. The camera pans across the beach. The next scene shows Mrs. Newman sat in a deck chair alongside Margaret. The two are then shown walking away. further views of the beach and boating lakes follow.

In the next scene, the camera films from a aboard a boat. The film shows the ship's captain and then another boat passing by, with crowds of people on deck. A small motor boat is filmed passing, along with various other boats. The motor boat passes Margate pier and shots of the sea and the motor boat's passengers follow. In the distance, Margate pier is visible in the distance and in the following frame the boat approaches the pier as it returns back to shore.