Title ID 6139Collection ID714
Title[OMCC Annual Meeting; Picnic]
CollectionNewman Family
ThemeFamily life Rural Life
KeywordsAircraft Celebrations Children Christmas Games Outings Play Rural Areas Theatre
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionFrancis Henry Newman
CameraFrancis Henry Newman; Alice Margaret Newman
ParticipantsOMCC members
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration17min. 16sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


A short film made about the Otford Methodist Children's Church's activities in 1944, with scenes of various church gatherings.


The film begins with title pages announcing the 'Otford Methodist Children's Church Presents The Annual 1944 Report, January. In the next scenes the camera pans across a view of snow covered Otford, followed by a title page announcing the Christmas Party in which children sit eating tea together. The film cuts to April, and the title page, 'We Again Won', followed by a shield announcing the OCCM as winners of the London South East District Scripture Examination shield. The following title announces a jumble sale that took place to raise funds for the Church, (see 6137 for full footage of the jumble sale). Eleven Pounds and Six pence is raised. In the following frames, 'June, Gift Day', a brownie pack walk together, visiting houses. The following title announces that it is July, and continues on to state that, 'Owing to' (cut to footage of war planes in sky, and one being shot down) 'We did not have...' then cuts to footage of games being played out doors. Under the title page 'September', harvest scenes follow, and the gifts of produce are arranged on tables in the church. December and the 'Carols of Bethlehem' Nativity play follow, in which the film-maker's daughter, Margaret Newman, plays an Angel. (See 6156 for full footage of the nativity play and Christmas party). A shot of a man riding a bicycle away from the camera, along a snow covered road follows. The annual report ends with a 'Financial statement', showing the income and expenditure receipts for the year.

The next part of the film is in colour and shows a picnic taking place in the garden, with children of all ages sitting eating sandwiches together. A view of the garden is shown, followed by a scene of all the children grouped together, and waving to the camera. This is followed by scenes of children playing in the river, a little girl in a red bathing suit jumps in. Two men sit with children on the river bank, smiling for the camera. This is followed by further shots of children along the riverbank for the camera. Various running races follow, with children having a wheelbarrow race and three-legged race. The children play high jump over a rope, followed by leap frog.

The film switches back to black and white, and we a large group of children play a game holding hands in a line in the garden, as the adults look on, whilst sitting in deck chairs.


A still from  [OMCC Annual Meeting; Picnic] (1945)A still from  [OMCC Annual Meeting; Picnic] (1945)A still from  [OMCC Annual Meeting; Picnic] (1945)A still from  [OMCC Annual Meeting; Picnic] (1945)