Title ID 6138Collection ID714
Title[Holidays at Westgate]
DateAugust 1945
CollectionNewman Family
ThemeFamily life Seaside
KeywordsBeaches Children Family Holidays Outings Railway Stations Summer Swimming
LocalWestgate-on-Sea New Romney
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionFrancis Henry Newman
CameraFrancis Henry Newman; Alice Margaret Newman
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration11min. 17sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


This film documents the Newman's holiday to Westgate in 1945, in which the family spend their time at the beach.


In the opening frames of the film, Mrs. Newman and her daughter Margaret leave their holiday home at Westgate, and head to the beach. Margaret runs back towards the camera, and the two are shown leaving again. Mrs. Newman and Margaret approach the beach, and pass the camera as they carry deck chairs to put up on the sand. A shot of Mr. Newman sitting on a deck chair follows, as Margaret plays in the sand. The camera pans across the beach, with a view out to sea. In the next scene Mr. Newman helps Margaret to build a moat around the sand castle, and a younger girl sits in the middle of it. Margaret plays with two younger girls in the sand castle.

In the next scene, shows the beach filmed from the sea. A close up of two young girls' faces follows. The tide is shown coming in, as children play in the water. A view of the seaside in colour film follows, the sea is choppy and waves break against the quay. Children stand on the quay, and a black dog stands at the edge, watching the waves. Further beach scenes follow, with Margaret playing in the sand, and the adults sitting nearby in deck chairs. In the next scenes the film is underexposed, however you can still make out Margaret playing on the beach, and further views of the sea. In the following scene shows Maidstone East station platform, as the train pulls out of the station. The train tracks are visible, and followed by views of the countryside passing by.

The film cuts back to the beach and Margaret swimming in the sea. Following more shots of the sea, in the next scenes we see a young man making a raft, helped by a little boy. He paddles in the sea with it. Mrs. Newman stand on the shoreline as Margaret plays in the sea. The film ends with more views of countryside filmed from the train.