Title ID 6129Collection ID714
Title[Otford Methodist Church Events]
Date11 July 1935; 18 July 1936; July 1938; 1 July 1939; 10 July 1939
CollectionNewman Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily life Seaside
KeywordsBeaches Celebrations Children Family Outings Seaside Resorts Swimming Summer Beachwear
LocalFolkestone Eltham Otford Sheerness
RegionalKent Greater London
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionFrancis Henry Newman
CameraFrancis Henry Newman; Alice Margaret Newman
ParticipantsFrancis Henry Newman; Alice Margaret Newman; Margaret Newman
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration14min. 56sec.
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Film depicting an outing to the seaside, interspersed with short 'safety films' such as a Charlie Chaplin sketch, and Popeye. The outing is possibly a trip with the Church to Folkestone, during the summer of 1936, and later in the summer of 1938.


This film begins with a short Charlie Chaplin sketch, called 'Charlie the watchmaker'. After the sketch, the film switches to home-movie footage of children playing in rowing boats on a lake - they wave at the camera. A girl, which could be Margaret Newman, holds up a toy telescope. The camera then cuts to a boy eating his packed lunch. Following this, the film depicts children playing at the beach, possibly on a church outing, as there are lots of children with their families. A boy plays in the sea, whilst girls paddle by the shoreline.

The film then cuts to another commercial film, called 'Toy Train Tumble'. Following this are more scenes of the beach, in which Margaret has a donkey ride, and sits on a deck chair, smiling at the camera. She is then seen playing on the beach with some other older children, as they throw stones into the sea. In the next shots some boys play on the sea walls on the beach, jumping on and off together. Two boys jump into the frame, one holds something up to the camera, another brandishes some drift wood he's found. This footage is interrupted by another safety film of 'Popeye'.
In the next few frames children dress up in the garden, putting on a show with some of the children dressed as clowns.

In the following scenes the film returns back to the seaside, with views of children playing by the shoreline, each holding a balloon. Some of the older children paddle in the sea, whilst the younger ones remain by the shoreline. The children make a conga line and file past the camera smiling and laughing.

The next sequence of frames shows another church outing to the countryside, it is possibly 1938 or 1939 in this film. We see the girls playing ball games together, whist the boys are taken down to a stream to play. A game of cricket can be seen to be taking place in the distance, and more shots of young children paddling in the river follow. The film ends with scenes of children's races taking place in the same fields.