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Title[Carnival; Last Train to Brighton; West Street]
Date1963; October 1964; February 1965
CollectionCecil Cramp
KeywordsAccidents Carnivals Parades Fancy dress Ethnic Groups Clothing Charities Armed Forces Fire Services Motor Vehicles Performing Arts Transport Steam Locomotives Railways Workers Youth Organizations Social Problems
LocalHorsham Southwater Brighton
RegionalWest Sussex Brighton & Hove
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionCecil Cramp
CameraCecil Cramp
FormatMixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration14 min. 24 sec.
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Pictures taken by Cecil Cramp of a Horsham Carnival procession in 1963, during which participants display a mixture of humour, contemporary notions of race and nationality, celebration, fancy dress and social conscience. Also documented are street scenes, fire services tackling a fire on West Street in Brighton in 1963, and the last journey taken by steam train from Horsham to Brighton in 1964.


'Carnival Procession 1963' (IT) 0:00:00:00 (0:05:47:20): Black and white footage opens the film. A military marching band pass Home Counties Dairies. A large group of children walk behind a vehicle reading 'Little Miss Festival', upon which several young girls in white dressed sit, one enthroned as 'Little Miss Festival'. All wear fancy dress. Children wave from a long vehicle, decorated with swathes of fabric. A sign fixed to the front of the following vehicle reads 'lorry kindly loaned by Sussex & Dorking Bricks'. Boys and girls sit and stand on the float, which reads 'The Black and White Minstrels from Jockey Mead'. Some wear "blackface" makeup, boater hats and bow ties. Others wear no makeup, clearly the 'White Minstrels'. The next float takes as its theme the children's television program 'Watch with Mother'. Children, dressed as animals and characters from the program, sit with signs reading 'Thursday' and 'Friday'. A couple dressed as American Indians follow a group of participants, who are carried on stretchers. The following float, decorated with foliage, reads 'Searching for the Dreaded Man Eating Chicken'. Another reads 'Horsham - Roffey; Corner - Carfax'. Two men carry a dead pig behind. A group of fancy dressed participants stand atop a space theme float. Signs attached read 'don't miss seeing space' and 'book your passage now'.

Children belonging to Faygate Methodist Youth Club play out a guillotine scenario. 'Elvi-cious sings A Broken Head for Sale' is written across a banner. Adults walk behind, their hands tied together and attached to the vehicle. Women in beachwear smile from a float with a summertime theme.; their sign reads 'that was summer... that was it!' Men in period costume play cards at a table on the float behind. One appears to be taking a bath. A bus passes, advertising Needles Fete on the 7th July, and on top a man with a mock wind-up cine camera. A military marching piccolo band passes by. Children wave balloons and streamers from a Lambs Farm Outing float. Marines pass by with a canon and sailing boat. Men, dressed as women, stand on a long vehicle, and women dressed as laundresses advertise 'Cercil'; 'Now hands that wash in Cercil can feel rough as rocks'. Children in fancy dress sit cross-legged on a float decorated with garlands of flowers. A marching scout band, lead by their drum major, follows. A float raising issues about race follows. At the front a sign reads 'The World Today'. Standing on the float are a "white" family, sitting at a table, served by a waitress at a cafe which allows 'whites only'. A "black" family, white people in "blackface" makeup, sit on the other side of the sign. A banner below reads 'Should this be so?'.

A 'Steptoe & Son' horse and cart passes by. Another advertises charity; a float of yet further participants in fancy dress, dark makeup and African "tribal" costume, reads 'Horsham helps to build Kigezi Farm Institute', 'Help them to help themselves' and 'freedom from hunger'. Floats for the Lifeboats, declaring 'we need your help' and The Evening Argus, the local newspaper for Sussex, follow. Participants are dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland; the white rabbit, Alice, and the Red Queen. Others paint white rose bushes red. The float pulls two boys on go-carts wearing play card costumes. A further military marching band passes, followed by the British Red Cross Society, displaying signs reading 'Home Nursing, Old Peoples Welfare, First Aid and 'Escort Service'. Children on one float are dressed in Indian costume, while others are dressed in the national costume of several countries; Spain, Mexico, Russia and France. Two women stand on the float for the Chamber of Trade Showrooms. Horsham Lions Club displays their motto; 'Our Aim: to help others less fortunate'. A large model of a lion towers over several children, all wearing fancy dress, who sit on the float. A young woman sits on a swing, hanging from a trellis structure decorated with foliage on the Home Counties Dairies float. Behind is a man in a white coat with a small cow. A traction engine from Horsham Park passes by, closing the procession scenes.

0:05:47:20 (0:01:24:18) Street scenes, filmed in colour, follow. Cars and cyclists pass along a busy main road in Southwater [?]. A steam train passes over a railway bridge at the Alexandra Inn, leaving a trail of smoke to drift up into the sky.

0:07:12:13 (0:02:10:03) 'West St. Fire October 1963' (IT) Red fire engines fill the street outside Timothy Whites and Boots the Chemists. Smoke rises from the Boots building. A woman picks her way through the mass of thick hose pipe in the street. Policemen patrol, keeping a watchful eye.

0:09:22:16 (0:03:53:05) 'Last Steam Trains to Brighton May 3rd 1964' (IT) Workers ready a steam engine at Horsham railway station. The engine is attached to a line of carriages before moving off along the track. Arms wave from open windows as the train passes by the camera on its way to Brighton through Southwater, where the train is filmed pulling into the station from the bridge above.

0:13:15:21 (0:01:08:15) 'February 1965' (IT) A yellow bus drives past an empty piece of land, ready for redevelopment. Bicycles are propped by against the wooden hoarding. A red letterbox has been covered with fabric. The End