Title ID 6066Collection ID848
TitleSearch for Ceramics
Date[ca. 1964]
CollectionNorth Downs Film Unit
ThemeCine Club Film-making
KeywordsCultural Heritage Local History Monuments Fancy dress
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionNorth Downs Cinematograph Society
MusicLibrary music
Format16mm Black & White Sound
Duration9 min. 40 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


A series of archeology-based sketches produced by the North Downs Cinematograph Society in the mid 1960s.


North Downs Cinematograph Society Presents... Searching for Ceramics". A dig is in progress at an archeological site. Commentary follows: "many groups, both amateur and professional can be found engaged in this rewarding pursuit."

A series of comedic archeology-based sketches follow. A man points to a map of Roman Fortifications. Men mark out posts and string. one trips over the string, another's pick gets stuck. A man pulling a cord out of the ground drags a woman holding her telephone out of her house and through the ground. A man in a top hat and Victorian costume digs a whole in fast-motion. "Rule Britannia" plays as he disappears down the hole. Another man discovers a vase but drops it down the hill when showing the priceless item to a colleague. Inside, they find a note reading "Ring Coliseum 2161 ask for Cleo".

A group find a skeleton who becomes animated when a dog steals one of his bones. A man finds a pair of false teeth. Spades are all thrown into a pile. A man with a chef's hat and "Whimpy" on the back of his jacket hands out burgers. The man puts the false teeth he just recovered in his mouth to eat the food. Shoes are found upside down with "made in Australia" written on the soles. Two toy koalas appear from behind a mound. A man in a top hat chases a young woman into a pit. She chases him out the other side, holding a baby. A man in a Stetson strikes gold and positions a petrol pump above. A sign on a shed reads "curator". Outside, two men pull back a curtain to reveal a complete toilet made of fragments pieced together by the archeologists.