Title ID 6059Collection ID848
TitleBrockham Green Festival
Date28 June 1958
CollectionNorth Downs Film Unit
ThemeCine Club Film-making
KeywordsCelebrations Communities Villages Fancy dress Fetes Summer Performing Arts Racing Animals
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionNorth Downs Cinematograph Society
DirectorNorth Downs Cinematograph Society
MusicLibrary music
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Sound
Duration14 min. 8 sec.
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Scenes from the Brockham Green 15th Century Festival of 1958 filmed by the North Downs Cinematograph Society.


"Brockham Green 15th century festival, 28th June 1958. (Intertitles, music). Produced by the N.D.C.S. who thank... The Chessington & Kingston Fencing Club, The Monotype Band, The Way House Children, Robertson Pipers, and all the village of Brockham."

The commentary reads: "On this occasion we shall be taking you back to the fifteenth century... at this time many travelers on the Pilgrim's Way to Canterbury would gaze down upon the little hamlet of Brockham." Scenes show houses and a church steeple, "a typical English village", with a pump and village green, followed by views of the North Downs. "justly famed for its beauty"; followed by footage of the town seen from the church steeple (elevated).

The commentary continues: "We will see the villagers dressed in the costumes and enjoying the pastimes of the period, and there will be many amusements of today." "So hay ho come to the fair". Participants are dressed in period costume, medieval theme fancy dress, as a king and queen, friars and maidens. The King and Queen judge the fancy dress costume competition. A band plays and blacksmiths demonstrate wrought iron work using traditional tools. Participants sword fight. One is carried off to be bandaged by a young boy. This is followed by Highland games and dancing. Children are seen at the fair, amongst stalls and games. There is a hog roast on the green, followed by a band, and maypole dances by Way House children in costume. A donkey derby rounds off the events. The crowd breaks into laughter when one of the jockeys falls off his donkey.

The commentary concludes: "The aim of our festival has been to provide funds for the village church of Brockham and Way House... and so to the end of a happy and successful day."


a still from 'Brockham Green Festival' 1958