Title ID 6053Collection ID848
CollectionNorth Downs Film Unit
ThemeCine Club Film-making
KeywordsChildren Play Parks Houses
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionNorth Downs Cinematograph Society
DirectorNorth Downs Cinematograph Society
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Sound
Duration7 min. 25 sec.
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A suspicious figure turns out to be a butterfly enthusiast in this production presented by the North Downs Cinematograph Society Drama Group in the late 1950s.


"N.D.C.S. Drama Group Presents... Hunted." Music, no commentary. A headline outside a shop reads "Broadmoor man at large". A woman walks out of shop and down a residential street to deliver papers. A young girl opens her front door, number 13. The child plays in garden and woman pushes a pram down the steps to the street. Their mother waves good-bye, watching them as they walk away. A man in suit waits near the shop. The group walk in the park and child drops necklace on the ground. They continue their walk, oblivious. The man walks behind them through the park unnoticed. They reach a bench and girl plays with her ball while her nanny reads on the bench. The man begins striding through the long grass. The little girl runs after her ball and catches up with it when the dark shadow of the man appears. She screams as he puts a coat over her head. The nanny rushes to the girl but she's safe, standing by the man who is now the ground with an Emperor moth in his hand. "Finale."


A still from 'Hunted' (1959?)