Title ID 6051Collection ID848
Title[Reigate & Redhill Scenes]
CollectionNorth Downs Film Unit
Genre/TypeAmateurCine/Video clubNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
ThemeCine Club Film-making
KeywordsBuildings Cars Communities Everyday Life Local History Houses Urban Areas Roads Motor Vehicles
LocalReigate Redhill
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionNorth Downs Cinematograph Society
DirectorJoe Franks
Format16mm Black & White Silent
Duration23 min. 3 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


A compilation of views of Reigate and Redhill street scenes, that includes static and panning shots, produced by the North Downs Cinematograph Society in 1972.


Reel 1. From West Street, south side (opposite Leggs). Leggs cottage, pan to Red Cross Hotel. Nappers Corner. W. V. S. in London Road. Top of Upper West Street. Reigate Auction Rooms. From Nutley Lane Corner, looking up Upper West Street. Nutley Lane looking northwards. The Old Forge, West Street. Black Horse, Reigate Heath. Ladbroke Road, west side, looking towards Station Road. From Station Road/Ladbroke Road corner panning northwards. From Station Road, north side, between Market Hall and Ladbroke Road looking east. From market Hall looking across to Wheatsheaf. Looking at Wheatsheaf Corner and panning up station Road westwards. From opposite Market Hall, Redhill, looking towards Station. From Wheatsheaf corner looking towards market hall panning eastwards. Station Road, opposite Ladbroke Road, panning towards Station.

Reel 2. Station Road, Redhill, looking east from outside Pendreds, panning to Warwick Hotel. Queensway, looking towards St. Anne's. Warwick Road, east side from Constitutional Club to Queensway. Dome Way, Warwick Road. Station Road, looking east from Sainsburys new shop. London Road, Reigate, from west side looking towards tunnel and panning round to Wadhams. From London Road west facing Wadhams and panning round to Baths. Ditto. Reverse pan. More distant view of Wadhams from Castle Grounds. Inside Castle Grounds - old tree by duck pond. Entrance looking towards Wadhams. Another view of Wadhams, panning to London Road looking north. View from roundabout looking west side of London Road, panning round to west. Old trees in Wadham Garage panning across to Wadham main building. From west side of London Road, just south level crossing looking north. Similar view - close up of ditto.

Reel 3. St. Matthew's Church Hall, panning westwards. Ditto. Station Road from south side at Oxford Road, panning eastwards. Ditto, nearer St. Matthew's Church. Houses on west side of St. Matthew's Church. Level crossing, Reigate, looking south from Holmsdale Road Corner (gates closing). Train leaving Station westwards. Train going westwards from footbridge (gates opening). South side of gates looking towards Railway Hotel and north. Ditto, looking north, to include west side of London Road. Station Road, Redhill from north side, looking east, panning up to edge of Brewers. Station Road from Warwick looking east and south side, panning up to Milletts. Station Road, south side. Ditto, panning up to end shop next to Wawick Hotel. From Station Road north side, opposite Warwick Road, panning westwards. From Station Road Sainsbury's, Old Westminster Bank and Warwick Hotel. Houses and cottages on west side of Brewers. From Oxford Road corner/Station Road panning eastwards. Starting Oakfield (Doug's house) panning west to Reffels Bridge.

Reel 4. Clarendon Road, looking south, including St. Matthew's Church Hall, panning round to Court's Depository. Clarendon Road, looking south, including P.O. building, also old building on the corner opposite. P.P. rear and panning to previous shot. Close up of old building on corner of Clarendon Road. Shot of Court's Depository and neighbouring house. Queensway looking east, showing rear of Queen's Arms, panning to Alma Villas in Queensway. Queensway, looking east on south side. Clarendon Road looking north showing Court's Depository. Old Tob. on north corner of Bancroft Road, Bell Street (Skinner & Rose). Panning along Bell Street looking south. Bell Street (Northovers) west side. panning northwards up Bell Street. Bell Street west side (Reigate Garage), panning southwards. Old Hip. Cinema, Bell Street, panning to look down Bancroft Road, including Majestic Cinema. Bell Street, west side, panning southwards. Reigate Galleries. East side of Bell Street starting from Castle Inn and panning up Bell Street. Following shot similar. Top and east of Bell Street, panning to Market Square.

Reel 5. From Holmesdale Corner, rail corner gates, looking southwards. Lower Bridge Road looking eastwards. Lower Bridge Road looking down Tanyard Road. Lower Bridge cottages panning eastwards. Cecil Road looking towards side of Coleman Institute. Cecil Road, east side, panning to Coleman Institute. Ditto. Surrey Mirror works, and Car Park from Ladbroke Road. Lower Bridge Road facing Cromwell Road north panning westwards. Facing George and Dragon, panning across to Cromwell Road School and to include Sincots Road. From Sincots Road back to Lower Bridge Road north showing backs of houses of Lower Bridge Road. north side panning round to Sincots Road. From old side of 28, Lower Bridge Road, looking down to Sincots Road. Lower Bridge Road looking eastwards and panning to Chapel Road. Ditto. Pan shot in Old Cromwell Road.

Reel 6. All around Queensway 1972. Queesnway/London Road corner. Victoria Wine Co. Co-Op. Coleman Institute. Front of Football Ground. Queen's Arms. Cottages by Queen's Arms, south side. Linkfield Corner.


A black and white still image from TID 6051, showing a street view of a Level crossing in Reigate, looking south from Holmsdale Road Corner. The manual gates are about to be closed, with the flagsman holding out a flag to halt traffic, while the gate attendant prepares the gate.