Title ID 6017Collection ID766
TitleMr K. M. Wood’s Visit to Bombay
DateNovember 1966
CollectionJohn Wood Collection
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionTravel
ThemeTravel Working Life
KeywordsBoats Buildings Companies Dance Entertainment Ethnic Groups Labour Rivers Religious Buildings Workers Travel Family Industry
NationalAsia India
ProductionMr Kenneth Wood
CameraMr Kenneth Wood
EditorR. K. Colour Studio, Bombay [film processing, editing and titles]
ParticipantsMr Kenneth Wood; Mr R L Mulchandani; Mr P R Mulchandani; Mr T R Mulchandani
FormatColour Sound
Duration18 min. 8 sec.
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Businessmen, including Kenneth Wood, travel to Mumbai and visit the Mulchandani Electrical and Radio Industries Ltd factory in November 1966. They are given guided tours around the factory by Mr RL Mulchandani and his sons. They are taken on a visit to a temple and are entertained with dancing in the evening. Indian music plays over the film.


Mr. K. M. Wood's Visit to Bombay 1966

0:00:42:24 Bombay street scenes open the film. The group of businessmen smoke cigarettes and talk together in a lounge room in the building in the compound of the Mulchandani Electrical and Radio Industries factory. They try out an elaborate red and gold swinging bench in the room. They talk with Mr RL Mulchandani and his sons, smoke cigarettes and view the decor in the room.

0:02:07:04 A sign reads 'Mulchandani Electrical and Radio Industries Ltd. Manufacturers of Bush Radios, Hunts Capacitators, Celestion Loudspeakers, McMurdo Valveholders' and includes the Rank Organisation logo. The men enter the Mulchandani building, shaking the hand of a woman sat at a desk as they enter the office. They look over documents and radio devices and smoke cigarettes inside the wood panelled room.

0:03:05:15 The white exterior of the Mulchandani factory is seen. A car pulls up to the factory, driving through the entrance, which reads 'Welcome'. Outside the factory, the guests shake hands with PR Mulchandani TR Mulchandani (the company owner's sons). Inside, they stand at a map pinned to the wall while smoking and drinking. Leaving the building, a ceremony is held where Mr Ken Wood plants a small tree, adding water and earth and breaking open a coconut to pour the coconut water over the leaves. A sign is added, reading 'Planted by K. M. Wood, Esqr, 30 November 1966'.

0:05:51:11 The men take a tour inside the factory, having taken off their jackets. The visiting men inspect the work being carried out on the factory floor and watch the male and female employees carrying out their work using various pieces of equipment and machinery. They inspect the radios, amplifiers and transmitters produced at the factory. They leave the busy factory and, with the factory owner and his sons, they visit a a building site (?).

0:10:15:01 A sign reads 'Elephanta. Only 6 miles and one hours cruise by motor launch from here'. Mr Wood and the other visiting men climb on board a small boat to Elephanta Island (Gharapuri) along with Mr RL Mulchandani and his sons. They pass a naval battleship and a large white cruise ship in the harbour. Once there, they are carried one by one up a steep hill in sedan chairs by four men at a time. At Elephanta caves, a woman takes them on a guided tour around the stone temple, built into the cliff. The group depart from the wooden jetty, passing a stone archway by the water, arriving at dusk.

0:15:23:24 The evening is spent at a large reception for the visitors and family members, held on the roof of Mr Mulchandani's house. The visitors chat with family members, including the Mr Mulchandani's sons and daughters. Two young girls (Mr Mulchandani's granddaughters) perform a traditional dance in costume for the guests. Another young woman performs a traditional dance on the stage while a band plays. The large audience watch the performance. A young boy (Mr Mulchandani's grandson) sits on Mr Wood's knee and is then seen held by Mr Mulchandani. The film's closing titles read: 'Namaste'. Filmed by R. K. Colour Studio, Bombay, 5.'


A still from Mr K. M. Wood’s Visit to Bombay (1966)A still from Mr K. M. Wood’s Visit to Bombay (1966)