Title ID 6005Collection ID843
Title[Trip to Dover and Essex]
CollectionJim Murray
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionHoliday
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsArmed Forces Beaches Boats Family Rivers Swimming
LocalDover [?] Dedham Jaywick [?]
RegionalKent Essex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionJames (Jim) Murray
FormatColour Silent
Duration10min. 38sec.
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An amateur home movie featuring the Murray family in the early 1960s. The first part of the film features a military parade, stately home and various scenes of the children enjoying leisure time. The latter part includes scenes from a trip to Dedham in Essex and a nearby beach.


The film opens with shots of a military parade, soldiers are seen in full dress uniform marching on a parade ground whilst members of the public watch from the side. Next, there are shots of children swimming in an indoor pool, decorations hang from the roof of the pool building. The children can be seen taking it in turns to dive from a low diving board at one end of the pool. There follows some brief shots of the Murray children playing with a model aeroplane in a field behind some bungalows. They attempt to launch the model aeroplane after winding its propeller. Brief shots of a stately house and landscaped gardens follow, after which the children are seen again, this time they are erecting a tent in a field. A small fire burns on which they heat a frying pan.

The family is seen sitting on a blanket in a field on the banks of a river; the father takes photographs. They are then seen getting into a punt (flat-bottomed boat) and taking a trip on the River Stour, near Dedham in Essex. The father propels the boat using the pole, whilst a younger man uses an ore to steer the boat; he briefly waves at the camera. There are typical scenes of the river bank filmed from the boat as it sails along the river. At an Essex beach (possibly Jaywick?), the family are seen playing in the sea and exploring the reclaimed land behind the sea wall.


A still from [Trip to Dover and Essex] (1962?)