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Title[Summer Seaside Holiday and Family Scenes]
DateMarch - October 1929
CollectionBurne Family
ThemeFamily life Seaside Fashion
KeywordsBeaches Children Domestic Gardens Family Games Holidays Leisure Time Activities Outings Play Rural Areas Schools Swimming Clothing Fashion Accessories Beachwear Dresses Shoes
LocalCuckmere Hunstanton Seaford Sevenoaks Welwyn Garden City
RegionalEast Sussex Essex Hertfordshire Norfolk
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionDr. Catherine Violet Burne & Dr. Thomas Burne
CameraDr. Catherine Violet Burne; Dr. Thomas Burne
ParticipantsUncle Alfred; Anne (Clarke) Burne; Catherine Violet Burne; Diana Burne; Cousin George; Aunt Helen; Cousin Joan; Cousin John; Maddy; Aunt Margaret; Aunt Margot; Cousin Pippa; Thomas Burne Jnr
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration42 min. 20 sec.
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This compilation of home movie material with intertitles was filmed by doctors Thomas and Catherine Violet Burne whilst on leave from their medical posts in Malaya. The doctors film their children enjoying leisure time in England, on the beach, in the countryside and in the garden.


Dr. Catherine Violet Burne takes her two eldest children, Diana and Thomas, on a picnic near Diana's school in Sevenoaks - Thomas takes obvious delight from eating the Easter Egg his mother has bought him. The family stays in Welwyn Garden City for the Easter holidays. Now joined by her younger sister Anne, Diana picks the flowers in a bluebell woodland and plays catch with her brother in the garden of their house. The garden is also the site for a fancy dress display and the feeding of a baby Starling. Thomas is briefly filmed digging in the sand on Hunstanton beach. The Summer holidays are spent at Seaford where the Burne children are joined by their cousins, aunts and uncles. The children play in the garden, on the swing and with their dolls and ride their bicycles out of the front gate. Their French Au pair Maddy joins them as they compete in a wheelbarrow race and a three-legged race. The fun and games continue on the beach at Seaford - the children swim in the sea and search for prawns in the rock pools. Up on the Downs, they catch butterflies, pick the wildflowers and have playfights. The Summer comes to an end and Diana returns to her school in Sevenoaks where she celebrates her birthday with her mother before she departs for Malaya.


A still frin 'Summer Seaside Holiday And Family Scenes' (1929)A still frin 'Summer Seaside Holiday And Family Scenes' (1929)

Contextual information

Fashion Notes: The film contains examples of everyday children’s wear for a variety of leisure activities. It also shows children’s bathing suits and fancy dress costumes.

Fashion keywords: bathing suits, belts, boots, dresses, shoes

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