Title ID 584Collection ID14
TitleSummer Day
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsAnimals Carnivals Family Farming Parades Seaside Resorts Weddings
LocalCamberley Hove Woking Woody Bay Clovelly [?]
RegionalSurrey East Sussex Devon
NationalEngland United Kingdom
Production8mm Filmo Presents
FormatStandard 8mm Mixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration34min. 59sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


A home movie showing family members and their dog at home and on holiday during 1937. The film also features the Camberley Carnival of the same year, and two weddings at St. George's, Camberley and St. Peter's, Old Woking. The family holiday at Hove and tour around the north Devon coast.


"8mm Filmo Presents", "Summer Day 1937"

Intertitle: "They Named Me Donald" - The film opens with shots of a dog and family members in a garden. Intertitle: "A colourful guy am I"; family members in the garden; a woman brushes the dog. Intertitle: "Camberley Carnival 1937". Colour and black and white shots of a parade with marching band, fire engine and floats. Intertitle: "Will Hay & The Boys!"; men on a float decorated as a scene from a school classroom. Intertitle: "Supplied by Woolworths"; more shots of floats. The film cuts to a woman getting out of a car; a dog laps water from a cup. Shots of two women playing with a ball and the dog in a field. Intertitles: "A Camberley Wedding", "St. George's Miss Violet Ann Rapley to Mr Frederick Tom Green, Camberley". The wedding car arrives at the church. Intertitle: "The Bridesmaids arrive"; they get out of a car. Intertitle: "a charming June bride is given away by her father"; shots of the bride and father getting out of a car. Intertitle: "Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Green, Good Luck and Good Fortune"; the bride and groom are driven away. The film cuts to shots of family members in a garden posing for photographs on a step ladder; a man takes photographs with a box camera. Intertitle: "Hove Southern for sunshine 1937"; children ride on a miniature railway at Hove Lagoon (?). Intertitle: ""Pa" tries a shot!"; a couple putting on a green at Hove Lagoon (?). The film cuts to a woman feeding chickens in a garden; a group walking in the countryside; a woman feeds a dog. Title: "The End".

Shot of St. Peter's Church and lychgate, Old Woking; close-up of sign: "Parish Church St. Peter's". People arriving for the wedding; bridesmaids standing in the doorway. The wedding car arrives; the bride and her father walk into the church. The bride and groom pose for the camera before being driven away. Shots of guests leaving the church; the family pose for photographs. Shots of speeches being made at the wedding reception; the bride and groom leave the reception. The film cuts to shots of farm animals, including heavy horses in a field; various shots of clouds, followed by more shots of animals. Men bridling horses; milk is poured into buckets which are carried by a group of people. Two women sit on a bench on a cliff edge; shot of a ship out at sea. People walking at the seaside with a dog; the dog walks on the sea wall. A man sits on the wall and feeds seagulls. Fingerpost sign: "Woody Bay". Shots of people walking down a steep cobbled street at Clovelly (?). More shots of a farm follow, including various dogs and cats. A couple pose for the camera with their dog. The family picnic and smoke next to their Austin car; the women pick flowers and apply make-up. The film ends with shots of farm buildings and a man with a horse and cart.