Title ID 5804Collection ID828
Title[To Emily With Love]
CollectionWilf Green
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily Life Urban Life
KeywordsFamily Domestic Gardens Weddings Urban Areas Religious Buildings Memorials Dance Houses Old Age
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionWilfred Green
CameraWilfred Green
FormatColour Silent
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A family portrait, domestic family and residential street scenes in Maidstone. This film also includes scenes of significant fire damage to St Paul's (old church), Maidstone.


This colour film portrays an extended family group at home (Pearce Family?). The film shows brief shots of residential streets and terraced houses, followed by a portrait of an older woman in a garden setting, laughing and talking. Several similar portraits of other members of the family follow, including an older couple acting for the camera and young children playing. Next is a shot of a young couple pushing a child in a pram down a residential street, followed by a shot of a woman in a doorway holding the baby. Returning to the garden setting, another older woman stands with a man; the woman sticks her tongue out at the camera. This is followed by shots of a cat, a woman in a street of shops, and three women walking with a dog.

The next sequence shows various generations of a family in a garden. Adults pretend to dance ballet-style mimicking the young girl. There is a portrait shot of the older generations of the family. A young bride and groom step out in to a street (possibly from a registry office), he has a flower in his lapel and she wears a blue hat and beige skirt and jacket, carrying a bouquet of flowers. Another older couple are filmed looking at flowers in a domestic garden. A man in the street poses with with two parrots and a monkey.

The next section shows a series of garden scenes; the first set are snow scenes with a man putting scraps on the bird table, a group throwing snow balls and a man biting an icicle. In spring a couple and an older man stand in a sunny garden. A man shows an old portrait photograph to the camera, then pulls faces. Following this is a speeded-up scene of an adult group in a garden. Close-up shots of flowers, shots of a cat ('South with Blanco' title card visible on chair, as used in TID: 5802), and a man watering the garden follow.

The closing section of the film shows views of a burnt out church (St Paul's old church, Maidstone) with no roof, and views of the bell tower, street scenes, and children looking at the church. The final shots show the gravestone of Thomas Pearce and Emily Pearce, and a framed portrait of a lady. End title: 'To Emily with Love'


A still from TID 5804 - S[To Emily with Love], (1963) showing a colour still image of  a man dressed in a brown day suit holding two bright blue and yellow parrots and a small black marmosets monkey wearing a red woollen jumper. One parrot is perched on the mans left shoulder, the other being graded like a baby in his right arm, whilst the money is cradled in his left. The man is stood in front of a pebble dashed stone building with blue-green painted window frames.